What's with the Mendosa path?


I think what we really need (maybe after the third part of the current storyline if that is the priority) is a sequel to the Mendosa path in CoR.

Some might say there is nothing interesting to be told there as opposed to royal intrigues but I for one would love some adventures of the traveling couple


I must say that I was a little sad that I didn’t get to continue my relationship with Mendosa. For some reason it didn’t hit me until COI came out that it was only if you picked the monarch.


Agreed–I liked Mendosa and (spoiler?) was really happy to see him/her reappear.

I also felt a bit more constrained in CoR than I have in any other Choice Of game, simply because you had to choose to pursue the monarch to continue. However, that being said, I’d be incredibly pleased if the third part of the game featured Mendosa as a major character.


Since replacing the Consort makes the hero morally ambiguous at best I guess it wouldn’t be unlike him/her to take the power and make Mendosa his/her King/Queen Consort. Just saying.


I thought that when Mendosa showed up and you could choose to great him happily, you could have something of an affair with him in order to get back at the King and to satisfy yourself. Not that that’s something I’d be into, but it’s something I would have expected.
Anyway, I would have loved to have continued the Mendosa path. He was my favorite suitor. He seemed like the only one who actually cared about your character and was faithful too…


The king/queen was also be faithful if (big spoiler!) you were able to replace the king/queen consort as king/queen at the end of CoR (I personally did by poison) and by getting Ricardo (second baby) to be a life Mage


Me too, except I used *spoiler* Death Mage magic to kill her. I’ve played the other situations where he skips off with Adelita, and so on.


Well, I was actually hoping that when you’re sitting in the garden with your child and Mendosa turns up, you can get revenge on the King, if you get my drift. :wink:


How do you get Ricardo to be a life mage?


[SPOILER] @Katagu, You have to leave after court when the King asks you to come with him and go to the bar to meet the man your sister tells you about. Then you must agree to do what he asks, after that you should be able to have a life mage child, I did have to try once or twice though.


SPOILER: you dont have to agree to wat he saids u can always threatin him if u strong in magic


There’s also an extremely small (1 in 100) chance Ricardo will be a life mage child despite the lack of action on the player’s part.


Ok, thanks guys :slight_smile: I just cannot bring myself to killing Felix or the daughter so I’m glad there’s another way. I’ll definitely try that out because I can’t seem to get a life mage child the way I usually play it. But I’m sure there’ll be a consequence in pt 3 to meeting openly with the criminal mage.


SPOILER: @Kamer Ricardo was the first child. You have an entirely different child when you choose that path. Easy mistake. Nothing has been said so far about Ricardo. I’m kind of hoping that something happens with him in the future. That’d be a shitty loose tie; I didn’t even expect to like this CoG, but I’m interested in seeing where it goes.


clearly the sequel after the next one will have you playing as ricardo trying to earn your “rightful place”, possibly teaming up with… forgot her name, the queen’s deathmage daughter (who i am very disappointed there wasnt more interaction with)



Ditto. Juanita was one of the most interesting characters to me as she seemed to catch on to EVERYTHING YOU DID, and while she definitely was…er…cold to you to say the least, she certainly had reason to be.

It was kind of disappointing you couldn’t really smooth things over, and when you try to stay her (potential) execution, the game sort of just stares and laughs at you. (Granted at that point, you’ve kind of crossed the line anyway)


I agree with MasterofU. De Mendosa was my favorite suitor of the three, simply because it was clear from the get-go that he cared deeply about my character and, even though she disagreed with him regarding the Sahra arc, he actually appreciated her enthusiasm on the matter instead of getting annoyed at her for disagreeing, which in and of itself is a lot more than I can say for the King. Torres was very kind and sweet too, and I was hoping for a way to break up with him more gently without sacrificing my chances with de Mendosa, but he and my girl lacked the chemistry that she had with de Mendosa.

But don’t even get me started on the King. Not only was he already married when he started courting my character (infidelity is a major no-no in my book), but his behavior/attitude toward my girl turned me off at several points and quite frankly showed signs of potential emotional abuse, such as:

  1. At the tourney, disapproving of her taking part in the joust, without even bothering to ask her what she wanted to do,
  2. Calling her in the middle of the night to go and sleep with him. (WTH? No thanks, dude!) And
  3. Being “irritated” because she voiced her opinion after he ordered that the borderlords be punished, even though he agreed with her on some points. (Whereas de Mendosa did the exact opposite during his own argument with her.)

In short, I didn’t like that the current sequel basically forces you to choose the King, and so I too would like another sequel for those who picked de Mendosa. On that note, there probably should be one for Torres too, so that players can choose whomever they want without being barred from playing the sequel.


The inability to follow de Mendosa or Torres to the sequel makes the choices related to them inconsequential. One shouldn’t dangle an option temptingly over the player only to whip it away and deny them the route.


@Amazon I agree that de Mendosa was the most pleasant suitor of the three. And yes, Augustin(a) is a shameless cheater. Nevertheless:

  1. I did not get the sense that Augustin(a) disapproved of the player taking part in the joust. In fact his/her approval of my character went up.

  2. Augustin(a) doesn’t get upset if you voice your opinion before he/she makes a decision. It’s only if you wait until after the royal decision is announced to argue against it that the monarch gets annoyed.

@Drazen It is possible to follow Torres into the sequel, but it requires that one, you cheat on Torres with Augustin(a), and two, that Torres is so besotted with your character that he/she is willing to accept your infidelity and marry you any way.


@P_Tigras I wouldn’t know, I never took to Torres sufficient to warrant my attempting.