What's one choice in a cog novel that you immediately regretted?

Ok so we all have those moments when you’re sweating and thinking hard about how your choice will effect the game. Usually a big choice like which RO to pick or how to fight the enemy ect. So what choice have you picked that only after 3 or 4 pages you instantly regret it?
Edit: If u can’t remember exactly the choice then just think about choices in general that can ruin the play through.


In Study in Steampunk in my first playthrough I decided to become lighteater vigilante. Consequences were tragic.
Almost every choice during the winter in Choice of Rebels. Oh gosh bless those people who posted a playthrough.
In Fallen hero I once decided to be bloodthirsty maniac and hurt Herald badly. Never forgive myself for that.


In choice of robots


I had raised my robot’s autonomy too high and they had created a rebellion dooming us all :joy:


Hmm, this could be useful as a resource material in my WIP. I’ll bookmark this topic and attentively monitor the conversation.

No, I’m just interested in this topic, that’s all.

It’s not like I’m going to write a choice that will make you regret your decision.

Stop looking at me like that.


continues to stare and come up with hundreds of possibilities in how a choice could go wrong


Screwing a character over for my own health in Orpheus and then having to rely on that character later on. That one act of dickery cascaded all the bad stuff I had to deal with later.


Eh, if you try on purpose it’ll never have the same impact.

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In fallen hero I decided to be a massive turd and cheat on myself with ortega. Why did I do that you inquire? Why, for maximum concentrated salt and angst! All self made! Painful and alllll natural! :sob:


in choiceofarobot…

I remember choosing not to do anything about a certain person , then later…got a bomb blow in my face :disappointed_relieved:

that was instant Game Over lol


Picking Nat’s route last in TWC. Being honest, I thought her route would be less interesting than the others but it was actually the opposite! Now her route is my favourite!
Also trying to date both the queen and Tal in choice of magics… I felt terrible after and at the dinner table the queen found out my antics and dumped me… Serves me right I guess lol.


Taking the pills that Rebellion offered in The Hero Project (I don’t remember what they were exactly called). I grew fond of Rebellion and trusted him, and he screwed me over. It was also probably one of the most unexpected betrayals I’ve faced in a COG.


A weird one, but I regretted accepting the first job offer I got at the end of I, Cyborg. I thought, “hey, nifty, my cyborg has her future all secured” and then next thing I know, I got fifteen other job offers in short succession.


lol I forgot that one . Damn , in my game she was my mc hero and role model…

let just say…the butt kicking she got later was soo deserved .

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On my first playthrough of Community College Hero (Haven’t played the second one.) I tried to romance Origami…it…didn’t go well…clears throat Not quite immediate, but ow.


Uhh not really my choice, I’d rather say missclick but in Heroes Rise Book 3 (after going full villain in Book 2), when you meet Black Magic again I somehow kinda missed the “we belong together” option and we broke off for good? I was heartbroken… Went after Jury, but it wasn’t the same. I ended up replaying the whole book, I loved BM too much to just let him go because of stupid missclick.


Study in Steampunk has a lot of these for me. Namely, using light-eating to save Grace (didn’t know she would be so ungrateful), refusing to go on the last mission and seeing Mercia burn, killing Finch on the light-eater route, and not saving the baby during the cholera epidemic.

Transferring yourself into a robot body, not being able to finish it,
and activating an incomplete copy
in Choice of Robots.


the drugs were named pump


Ungrateful that you murdered someone?


being nice and cooperative with the gov employees in choice of robots where they are looking for a friend.


she’s thirteen!