What's a good opposite stat for "gut instinct"?


I think this is the right place to put this.

So I’m working on a game and one of the things I want to be significant is whether the main character is someone who trusts their instincts a lot or not. This would come into play not just with whether or not the character knows something, but how the character might try to convince others that they are right.

I would like to handle this as an opposed pair, but I can’t think of a good name for the opposite of this “gut instinct” stat. Any suggestions?


Rational? Or maybe planning, prudence, reasoned, or pragmatic.


I would add “logic” and “five senses” to this list.


Planning vs Improvisation
Deliberate vs Improvisational


I’d go with Impulse vs. Premeditation.


Intuition vs Intellectualism


If you go by the MBTI, it could be: Intuition vs Sensing.


Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone. Right now I’m leaning towards either Deliberation or Reasoning vs. Intuition, although if I find later on that neither of them seems right, I’ll come back here and try something else.


The trouble I would have with what you chose is this: Intuition involves its own reasoning and its own deliberation. You just can’t verbalize the exact reasoning process and the deliberations are unconscious.

That would be my feedback if I saw those as your opposing stats.


Empiricism vs Intuition

Pragmatism vs Instinct


That is a good point. I think I will stick with Intuition but will have to pick something else for its opposite.


Intuition vs Preparation


Logic vs. Instinct. (Or call it Intuition if you want.)


Spontaneous vs Contemplative


Instinct vs Calculation (or calculated if you prefer) is what I’d go with.


maybe gut versus brain


Gut instinct vs. intellect