Suggested stats for a wager?

So, I have a signe in my fanfick book, where 1 of the 2 MC characters is wagering with 2 of the NPC characters, on the romantic prospects of the other MC character.
However, I am a bit stumped on the stats. Currently, for stats, I have Intimidateing, charming, genuin, sarcastic, stoic, friendly, team_player, independent, shig, bold, heart, mind, logical, emotional, and impulsive, and cautious.
I want to do 4 options. 1 where you throw in with your currentt RO, 1 where you throw in with the other NPC, 1 where you decide to stay out because your cautious of what result, and 1 where you disapprove of wagering.
Just not sure what best stats would go in each choice. The cautious choice would have cautious, but… Any thoughts? I do also need to get more sarcastic choices, probably going to have to run back through and put some more in in a bit.

Ideally, you would want to have a choice for each stats you listed. But that’s a big list, so here’s an alternative: why not strip the stats off of those choices and make it purely flavor choice?

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To take a different approach: if you have a choice for each stat, then it becomes a boring process of hunting down which choice goes with your highest stat.

What if you made some interesting ramifications to each choice?–so even if you are not shig, choosing the shig choice might impress the person you are with (even if you fail to win the wager).


Hmmm. That is an interesting idea. Yeah, as I am learning, trying to put stats for every single choice is sometimes, dificult?
I am going to have a signe where consequences of your decission come to light, although through the eyes of a different character, but haveing ramifications other than just that, involving you and your RO? That might work better anyway. Thanks.
Will have to think of other ramification ideas.