Whatever happened to Drazen?


By my calculation his ban has now expired. Has anyone heard from him recently and, if so, will he be coming back?

The forum’s certainly a duller place without his unfailing articulate and well-reasoned musings on the degeneracy of our present age.


Personally, I don’t miss him harassing moderators and other members.


Can we keep this on topic, please?

I’m asking if anyone knows whether Drazen is planning on coming back.


It was on topic. Unless you think “The forum’s certainly a duller place without his unfailing articulate and well-reasoned musings on the degeneracy of our present age.” isn’t on topic, either.


I don’t know, I kind of miss him. He was the proponent of a unique and outspoken (read: immensely unpopular) viewpoint. And it kept everyone else on the forums on their ideological toes, which is always a good thing.

Personally, my guess is that he’s moved on to other things, or is too busy with classes.


@Samuel_H_Young I started this thread with a specific question, asking whether anyone had heard from someone whose posts I had enjoyed.

This isn’t a referendum on whether people like @Drazen. If you want to have that conversation then please start your own thread. Although it will be entirely academic, as his ban has expired and he’s free to resume posting here any time he likes.


I don’t know… Drazen made a lot of Drama. That’s one thing I can’t stand, even if I agreed with him on half his arguements. @Protagonist, how are you planning on keeping the thread alive until someone who has the answer comes along if you don’t let people express their views?


@Doctor makes a good point. After all, I was merely expressing my view since you expressed yours. Saying I don’t miss his harrassment of others isn’t really (at all) expressing an opinion of him. If you want nothing but conjecture about where people who likely don’t know him very well think he went, I can tell you right now that this thread will die very quickly.


@Drazen was duly unbanned 3 months after the haranguing of mods that led to his temporary ban. He’s welcome to resume posting, and I’d personally be quite happy for him to do so.

He’s a man of strong views on freedom of speech, as on much else, and I could imagine that he might stay off the forums in protest at having been banned. Or he might just have moved on to other things.

Regardless, I’m going to suggest we close this thread, as it’s hard to imagine it not turning into a referendum on a particular forum member… and I suggest anyone who wants to find out more about Drazen’s intentions send a PM his way.

Edit: and if anyone has already heard anything from Drazen, do pop a PM to Protagonist to answer his question.