When will Drazen return? Is his ban permanent or not?


His ban is not permanent – I believe it was 3 months. Ultimately it’s his choice as to whether he wants to return.


Oh okay.


I hope he chooses to return. It ain’t the same without him.


There was a reason he was banned. It appeared as though his sole purpose was to troll the forums.


Why was he band?


For perpetually harassing other members.




@Samuel_H_Young I wouldn’t say that that was his sole purpose- if I remember, he did a bit of beta-testing on a few games, and he certainly got involved in a few debates. Granted, I don’t think he would speak to someone as he typed to them (he used too many long words where short ones would suffice), but I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a troll. Some of his behaviour was unacceptable, though.


Drazen isn’t a troll. He’s a forum member with strong views and a desire to explain/ defend them persistently and at length - like myself and some others I could name - plus a distinctive online persona which magnifies both his charm and his frequent brusqueness.

His lapses into offensiveness - and, crucially, his uncharacteristically hostile response to being called on them - led to a temp ban. But I don’t think it’s fair to blast him when he’s not here to explain or defend himself. I imagine we’ll hear from him when the ban expires - if only for one last broadside against the dictatorship of the mods.

Edit: the thread started as a query about a mod decision, which is more than fair. But to the extent that it’s turning into a thread about Drazen when he’s not here to participate, it’s not cool. So I’m closing it.