What would you like to see in sequels to CYOA games you know are having sequels?

I was thinking about Lords of Infinity and how there’s going to be a gender locked female game. And it got me to imagining that we’re playing as a daughter of the original protagonist. He might be somewhat liberal or very conservative based on our actions in the first series. And I like the idea of a former protagonist evolving outside our control. Like Clementine in The Walking Dead. To see them grow and change. It takes part of the control from us true. For example in Heroes Rise i doubt my killer MC will ever go full punisher or Regime Superman. But maybe they grew .

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I would like to see more hands-on training for my MC training and mentoring underlings in LOI. I wished I would have gotten to specifically train my troops and officers in the prior two games in certain fields better and more intimately

I noticed that Champion of the Gods is getting a sequel – which I’m quite excited about, as it’s one of my favorites – and for its sequel, I really hope there is an opportunity to romance a god. I don’t think it’s entirely likely given that the title of the sequel is Exile of the Gods, but it is something I would very much like to see.

Really, more romance in general is what I would like from pretty much every sequel.


Not sure I’m going to play that female-locked game after Lords considering it was a huge gamble for me to play the Infinity series. (Which is male-locked.) I don’t care for locking either way and don’t usually play them with very few exceptions. I know I enjoyed what I played but this is essentially going to be it’s own thing, right?

If that’s the case it’ll probably have to gain my confidence as a reader all over again.

Let’s see… for games I definitely will play?

I wanna see Z. Sergei deliver on that love triangle in Redemption season two. Just because my trashy side that kinda likes that kind of stuff wants to see how he’d write it.

I want my favorite characters to stop dying in Choice of Rebels if we’re being quite honest

(I’m bad at games)


A detailed and more interactive epilogue

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