What time line setting do you prefer?

For example; do you enjoy medieval timelines and picture yourself being an Knight covered in steel armour. Or do you wish your were a Magical wizard with a oversized floppy hat. Heck do you prefer being a thief that steals from houses during the dark of the night and creeping through the shadows as the moon observes your actions and lights your path.

Anyways I am just curious, and want to know what is your favourite time line? (If you couldn’t tell already what mine is, well it is medieval.)


I prefer mostly present and futuristic timelines. Not that I don’t like medieval/ancient ones, but the future always grabs my imagination and curiosity far faster than the others, and the present feels more immersive to me (though that highly depends on the writing, too).

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My setting preference depends on the genre tbh. For fantasy games I prefer a more medieval timeline, but for other genres I’m more open to different things.

I think games set in really specific times and places (like Eagle’s Heir or Showdown at Willow Creek) are interesting because it’s fun to explore those worlds.

Medieval all the way!


Relatively modern + future, tho I don’t mind more medieval settings if they’re have a cool concept and fantasy (Dragon Age is one of my fav series after all). I hate realistic medieval/ancient games, and don’t really see the appeal of them?

My favorite is def present time with fantasy elements and future with fantasy-seeming elements, but it’s actually technology (like robotic or hologram dragons)


My favourite may be medieval, although that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy other stories set in a different time line. To be quite honest it all depends on how the writer expresses the world to me.

I agree with you, I enjoy fantasy setting stories set in the medical timline. Though I do enjoy how the writer manages to make a modern fantasy world with elves, dwarves, and more.

If the writer makes a world captivating and it grasps my attention I’ll get sinked into it; like the infinty series to give an example. Never liked or found a world where the story is set in a time line where there are muskets and canons, until I read the infinty series.

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The game that got me into the whole multi choice text role playing games was ‘Lords of Aswick’. I enjoy both fantasy medieval and realistic medieval stories, although I do prefer fantasy.

Also I must agree with you dragon age is a pretty great, and in which it inspired me for some plot points in my own world.

Personally I prefer medieval. But as long as story us well written timeline doesn’t matter.

The further the setting is in/is like the past the better, although I can never say no to futuristic spaceships.

I believe all fantasy settings, be it in the past, present, or future, are improved with a wizard’s hat. :mage:

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Old west :grin:
Also I don’t know if this counts as a timeline.But I like gothic horror or steampunk stories set in alternative history after the first industrial revolution,before or around the second industrial revolution.Or a fantasy setting imitates this time period


I do love old West, I enjoy the Tin Star story. Also of course red dead is another great old West.

I do enjoy steam punk, haven’t read much on it. So if you have any reccomendtions, than shoot some this way.


I prefer B.C.
Before Cellphone.



More seriously, my tastes are very broad in general so if I see a story in any timeline setting I might pick it up. My one particular preference is that I have a very strong love of SPACE MAGIC! As in, no Magic Vs Technology; take a medieval fantasy setting and have it tech up to interstellar travel and this has no negative impact on magic; the only way it changes things is that wizards start using the scientific method and the apprentice system becomes archaic because it’s much more efficent to have an elder wizard teach Magic 403 to twenty students at once. Now, in the medieval era they’d be making enchanted swords; it is the space era and they are making enchanted starship railguns.


I must agree with @Bokeh.

B.C is the best, but I don’t limit myself to B.C.


I’ve been looking for medieval-fantasy + modern-futuristic setting. I also don’t mind with science vs. magic plot, though I’d love it if the author reveals that either side is actually the same, somehow.

Unlike @James_Marsh’s enchanted spaceship/cyber-wizard, my taste will be something like “an F-18 pilot flying with a dragonrider above a lush, wild, untamed ravine.”

In reference to anime show, it’s not To Aru Majutsu no Index, but more Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite. Though, the medieval counterpart shouldn’t be necessarily more underpowered compared to rocket launchers.

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And I agree back at you. While that’s my preference I also read futuristic space stories haha

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I’m a man of simole taste, and when you said the majestic words of “gate” I choked on my Noodles like the MC seeing their crush in a beautiful outfit, followed by the nose bleed.

I’m pretty much open to any timeline myself, though if a game takes place in a setting/time. However, I can say I’ve played so many games, that a time/setting that hasn’t been used often is more likely to get my initial attention.

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As for cog games,a study in steampunk,the eagle’s heir, the superlatives: aetherfall.I recommend the last one which is one of my favorites from last year

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