What kind of game would you prefer?


For those not wanting to read this potential wall of text, a summary is provided at the bottom.

Hello everyone, I’m relatively new to ChoiceScript and Choice of Games, but I have been writing fiction for the past ten years, and coding for the past two.

When I stumbled upon this awesome website and the ChoiceScript language, I was trying to develop a zombie apocalypse game with a focus on characters and human drama (I have been reading, watching and playing The Walking Dead for a while now, and I quite love Robert Kirkman’s take on zombie fiction, as well as Telltale’s video game adaptation and the TV series). To that end, I’ve been working away for a little while now (when I can - I’m not always consistent about it).

However, as I have read more and more about the state of zombie fiction in modern times, the more I hear that people are getting tired of it, that it is everywhere and that it is over-saturating. Plus, it has its limitations. You can only do so much with zombies and humans in a zombie world. I’m sure anything I have written so far and will write has no doubt been covered in some shape or form in other media.

But still, I am passionate. In the end though, what matters most is what you, the gamers, the readers - the audience, wants. And I am nothing if not flexible. I have written narratives in fantasy, science fiction and somewhat realistic settings.

A few years ago, I came up with an idea for a science fiction crime mystery story. I tried to write it both as an ordinary novel and as a text-based Role-Playing Game, but it didn’t quite work out how I wanted it.

But with ChoiceScript, I see new potential for that story. It is certainly the next idea on my list for a ChoiceScript game.


My question for you all is, what kind of game would you prefer? A zombie-apocalypse human drama in the vein of The Walking Dead? Or a science-fiction crime mystery about…well, it’s hard to talk about without giving things away about the mystery!

Is there room for a third zombie game in this community? Or should I try something different?

Thanks to anyone who offers their input on the matter.


I think I’d prefer to see the Scifi one, it’s not just here, but the whole world seems pretty out-zombied (and vampired) at present. Also, it’s always nice to see a coder on the scenes, welcome to the CoG forums! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I am happy to be here. Finding out about ChoiceScript got me very enthused about writing again (as I hadn’t done so in a while, for a few reasons).

I must admit, even after two years (I just realised I said ten years of coding above - I meant two!) of coding I’m still an amateur and I’m not sure I’ll be pursuing it as a career (or even a hobby - except for with ChoiceScript of course!).

Anyway, thanks for your opinion. I do agree that zombie fiction and zombies in general are very popular at the moment and are probably over-exposed. However there is potential for great writing and character interaction/development.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Played Mass Effect? A mystery tint on something like that in interactive novel format would be most interesting, in my opinion!

And as long as you know about data types, variables and loops, you’ll already have a huge advantage over most starters, so don’t sweat. If you need help there’s an extensive tutorial and wiki, not to mention a bucket full of helpful and experienced members, who’ll be more than happy to help you with any problems you face!

I can’t wait to see what you produce :smiley:


I have indeed played Mass Effect - what I have in mind though is human-focused. It’d be a bit like a crime-procedural with science fiction, action and puzzle elements.

Yeah, I’ve had no trouble picking up the language. The wiki and tutorials have been quite helpful. I’ve already written a fair bit for the zombie game - well, not enough for a release, or a ‘chapter’ if you will, but a noteworthy amount.


I would really like to see a sci-fi mystery, since it’s something new, and I’ve always liked mystery and sci-fi. If you can pull it off, and I’m sure you can, I reckon it’d be awesome =)


Id like the scifi mystery over the zombie


Thanks guys, I’ve started writing up the first few scenes of the sci-fi crime mystery, so I can release something to get opinions on whether I should continue with it. Stay tuned!


I’d really like to see a PROPER superhero one. Believe it or not, we actually don’t have jackshit in that sense.

Yet. Maybe.

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