What is something you'll like/accept in one game but be put off by in another?

I’m playing Quantum Break. In it you play the hero and the big bad. Now I personally don’t like making my hero’s life harder than it needs to be. But it’s a unique twist. It was also done in another game where you play multiple characters including the final boss if you make him too powerful your hero will have a bad time. I’m not listing that game because it’s a spoiler. But you don’t start off as the big bad and you don’t control them when they are. Unlike Quantum Break. I don’t know if I’d accept another game where I can make the Heroes life harder or easier because I’m the Villain too


Even though I’ve never played it, I’ve seen it in some videos. Honestly, I think it makes for an interesting idea as you may not know what consequences might occur because of your choices, provided you are not warn before hand.

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Where can I find these games? Steam?

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Mine were on Xbox one. But since the Xbox one version actually says “PC” in one of the title screens/menus. I’m guessing it’s on there. The other game is Banner Saga but I won’t say which one


Quantum Break was only available on PC through the Windows store initially, but now is on Steam as well. Not sure about GoG or other launchers.


I think for me it really depends on genre. Like, lets say I’m playing one CoG that’s a murder mystery. Now, obviously I would accept, and in fact expect, murder in the game. I would not feel the same if I bought something on the assumption it was a light hearted romantic game about love on a cruise ship or something. I play different games for different reasons. I can handle darker themes, but I really prefer forewarning on it.


Realism vs Escapism has been popping up a lot recently in what I read here and a few other online social outlets. For me, which one I prefer in my entertainment is pretty subjective on the genre.

While I’m not going to be a fan of outright cultural persecution in my light entertainment reading, I feel like it’s a little immersion breaking to be in a same-sex relationship openly in a Victorian game or other restrictive times and places. For something like that, making references to being discreet, secret rendevous, and sneaking past the landlady in the morning seems appropriate. Not going to prison for being a deviant.

In a sci-fi scenario with multi-planar beings and robots that procreate, I feel like gender and sexuality shouldn’t be all that big a deal.

The Realism vs Escapism applies to other things to, like hygiene and other things. If it’s a survival game or scenario-building story, it’s cool to have to look for water, razors, and bullets, but I don’t want to be bothered with that stuff it’s a reasonably civilized setting.


Have to agree with that. I think immersion is very important for games like this. Imagery and worldbuilding could be a deciding factor, especially for Speculative Fiction.

This one is a tricky one. Things I like in games I pretty much like universally, and things I dislike tend to dislike all the time. I guess I’ll go with the gender of the protagonist.

I strongly prefer to at least have the option to play as a woman. Whether that’s because you get to choose your character’s gender, or because the story is just about a woman. I will play/try a game just because it let’s play a woman, even if every other thing I’ve heard about it is bad.

On the other side I’m much less interested in playing games where the pc has to be male. After a lifetime spent gaming, I’ve just lost interest. Honestly I don’t buy or try “gender-locked” male games anymore.

Except when I do.

I don’t know if it’s a genre, but I can still get into short, highly cinematic, adventure games with a male protagonist. I’m thinking specifically of the most recent God of War game, which I enjoyed whole-heartedly, (I still call my cat, “boy,” now and then). The Uncharted games fit into this too.

I never bond with those characters enough that I see myself in their worlds, but everything around them is interesting/fun enough that I can enjoy watching their story, even if I stay a step farther removed from it.