What are some things you appreciate about Heart's Choice Games?

So I decided to give Heart’s choice a try even though i hate forced romance especially het romance. And I’m playing the Pirate Queen game and any time anything remotely romantic comes up we can dismiss it. And as a beautiful bonus i can play a heartless monster too. Which i appreciate. Might see if it’s the same with the wrestling story because I enjoy the plots.


I appreciated the delay break for them. I habitually play through games as quickly as I can, often restarting when I make a poor choice. Delay breaks meant that I had to slow down, think things through more, and love with what choices I had made.

That is u til I figured out I could fast-forward my device clock by two hours to bypass it.


Delay break?

Well, I like having a character with a well developed family/team… Romance was going a bit fast in pirate pleasure. I like it, but one or two mid chapter before story really begin where we can learn to better appreciate Eden or the others pirates in a mini adventure.
Other than that, pirate pleasure give me a character with a real past, like samurai of hyuga or fatehaven.


If you play one of the games without buying the full version you have to wait two hours between each chapter (and restarts). I eventually bought them all, but the delay break was helpful.


Ah ok.

I appreciate:

  1. That they exist at all, because I have a huge soft spot for romance and it’s an aspect I enjoy very much in choice games when it’s well done. So a whole label of romance games? :heart: That’s just dreamy.

  2. That we get to have games where the focus is on romancing men. Perhaps this is just my impression but I feel that sometimes, when the ROs have a fixed gender, it seems like the game assumes you’re going to play as a man and romance women and so the female ROs get more attention/development.

  3. That a lot of the games pitched seem to have a historical setting, another thing I adore. :heart_eyes: Seriously, when I went through the planned releases list I was like “oh, I’ll have to buy that one! And that one… And that one as well…”


I don’t know about that. Depend of the game I think. Samurai of hyuga seem more logical with a female Ronin where community college hero seem better with a man.

But it could be because my firsts characters were female for SoH or male for CCH.

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Honestly, I appreciate that they exist at all. Honestly, I love COG as a company and the fact that they’re providing even more awesome games for me to play makes me so happy. I like that they listened to people who were creating adult content and gave them a platform for their work so that it didn’t just go to waste.


I’ve played one of the betas (so I won’t add much more/spoilers etc). However, I enjoyed the writing style that seemed to come with the focus on romance (as said above, and the “historical period” it was set in) and it was good to also have two non-romance plots/sub-plots - at least one of which you could avoid, if you wanted to - to add to the romance “quest”.

It will be interesting to see how the format develops, what become the major tropes and so on. But, from the one I played, I would certainly buy/play selected others (especially by the same writer and more especially if set in the same “world”).

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I really only enjoyed one of the games but what I liked most about it was that it made me legit laugh at loud. I felt like I got a good feel for the characters early on which made it easier to role-play and enjoy the story. And I like how the games are suited to particular people instead of trying to satisfy everyone. Makes the ones suited to you much more enjoyable. But these things aren’t really exclusive to the heartschoice.

As for the sex scenes, while I was skeptical at first, I am now on board. You guys have shown you can do them right and makes them enjoyable.


I’m going to preface this by saying that I didn’t really like any of the current Heart’s Choice games that are out.

The things I did appreciate, however, was implementation of romantic archetypes in Pirate’s Pleasure. I mass consume otome games, so I’m pretty used to the types of ROs that are typically in romance focused games. While I don’t think any of them were truly original, I found them to be enjoyable ROs for their specific “type”.

The wresting game wasn’t really my thing just because I’m more into fantasy and sci fi. In terms of erotica, it was more interesting than most similar material. Not bad, but the story doesn’t hold up on its own.

Dawnfall was probably my favorite. Both the characters and the world were interesting and it focused as much on friendship as it did on romance. The only bad thing was that sometimes the overall plot was hard to follow.

Jazz Age I haven’t read yet, but I might in the future.


Not a fan of any of the launch lineup books. I’ll keep an eye on it though, see how it pans out

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The romance!!!

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By far my favorite part of pretty much any CoGs are the romance plotlines so… yeah just having a whole label where I know that’s going to be a focus is pretty great!

Also, at least so far (i’ve played Dawnfalls, A Player’s Choice, and Jazz Age), I do appreciate how the HCs seem less mechanics focused? I never felt like I was struggling with stats or that mechanics ever upstaged the storytelling/prose. I mean, I enjoy mechanics focused CoGs too, but it is nice sometimes to not have to worry about it as much.

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I’ve loved the idea of Heart’s Choice since they brought up the idea. I’m not a huge fan of romance novels or games, but I appreciate when it’s well done. The titles released so far don’t seem to appease many people, I guess because of some sort of prejudice or just waiting for something more, I say that it a very good start. I liked the wrestling one, Jazz Age and A Player’s Heart because they work for me, plus I love things about wrestling, opera and theater. I’m sure in the future when more titles get their release, more readers can give HC a try.

I have tried to read through most of them but have only finished A pirates Pleasure and Jazz Age.
To be honest i see little to no difference between them and the Choice of Games we already have.

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Dawnfall is my favorite from Heart’s Choice, the focus about relationships (friends and romance) are well written and it makes sense. Pirate’s Pleasure is my second one but I keep struggling with the romance relationships, I mean the Captain is telling the MC that they are made for each other and there is some connection between them… ok, but the MC and that captain just talked two times. And with the governor (even he is my favorite) is the same, well, worst, the MC just have one conversation with him, and he declares his love too soon, again, like the captain..
But I do appreciate that the focus is on relationships because some times in other games (even the ones I adore) the MC felt alone, even when it isn’t supposed to be.


My OCs like the fact that we can have spiced up versions of ANY romance. Yes please!

Remy, Riese & Rayvn grin devilishly. :smiling_imp:

Calm down, ladies… :smirk:

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