What improvement would you want in the game "Alter Ego"?


I would really like a very focused version of Alter Ego on a single phase of life, lets say teenage and adulthood.


The game seems to think you’re an abled, white, cis, neurotypical middle-class (and I think straight but it’s been a long time) kid.



so how would you change that?


Options! Choice of Games has many options, such as pronouns and extra scenes peppered here and there. It adds just a bit more help onto the identification process, and doesn’t make things so bland.

Honestly, Alter Ego is quite old. Interactive fiction has come a long, nice way since that old gramps and I love it.


I agree but I just felt there are not enough games like alter ego (or maybe i am missing something) and if something with the same idea with little changes here and there was to be made today then I guess it would be pretty good


One of the largest things that people wanted added to the game (at least on this forum) was the addition of other sexual orientations. Those in charge wanted that too, but frankly it was such a huge task by that point that the addition of such a big choice would essentially prompt writing the entire game out again, adding the correct gendered prefixes and spouse names where appropriate.

Not the job for somebody who wants to move on to other projects really, especially since Alter Ego was (and still is I believe) a free game, available to all.

No, this is a job for an enthusiastic hobbyist really.

As to your notion of essentially taking a small section of the Alter Ego premise and expanding on it, its a good idea in principle, but you’ll need to have some events to focus on (teenage car crashes, underage drinking, high-school shenanigans etc) or the game risks seeming dull or generic. You should also look at other games that take place within the same timeframe (Sixth Grade Detective and Psy High are the most obvious).