Would you be okay with the game changing depending on your gender?

  • Yes, even if the storyline or direction drastically changes and/or side characters genders.
  • Yes, but only minor things like dialogue of RO. With a few scenes being different or so.
  • No, I want it to be more or less the same experience.

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Think of drastic changes like those games that let you select a character to play as, their storyline and gameplay are often different. But leading toward the main plot.

Minor changes, Think Persona 3 Portable with the FemaleMC.

For more or less the same. Think Pokémon.

I think it’s interesting to see the same setting with drastically different experiences re:gender. It gives more depth to the experience for sure. I know that some games (like Eagle’s Heir) had at least a few conversations/scenes that were different, and I played through multiple times to see the changes.


I would not be against it but it would need to make sense, be satisfying for all genders, and it would certainly be more work for the author.


I say yes because I get to play two games for the price of one


If it is possible, I would love to see a different scenario for each set of gender but practically speaking, small to medium changes would suffice for me.

Imagine the work it will burden the author just to create different scenarios depending on the MC’s genders.


What if the author don’t mind with big changes? :yum:

My dad actually is the one who got me into things like playing multiple story lines. I was 8 when I first caught him playing Dragin Age Origins. He was playing a woman and I asked him why. He said that is was to experience every possible story line. I watched him play that game countless times before I asked if I could play. He let me when I turned 9. His only premise was, “Let it teach you, and play in every different way you can.”

Funnily enough that’s where I learned about sex(lol) but also that their are more perspectives in life than just mine. Especially when it comes to genders. Even at that age I noted how a female warden was treated compared to a male. It was a very fun and enlightening experience, and I try my best to play every option available st least once.

So long story short, give me an entire different story, I’ll enjoy it regardless.


[clutches heart]
Never mind me, it just struck me how old I am, lol. I was 15 when DA:O came out.

Anyway, if the author doesn’t mind writing what could essentially be considered two games, then I’m all for it.
But as @Mewsly said, it would have be enjoyable, and preferably have a similar amount of content for both routes.


It’s fine by me if they don’t mind it. :grin:

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Haha. Off topic slightly so,

Its okay I’m turning 19, and I work in a grocery store. The other day they were playing an older Selena Gomez song, one of her firsts. And this little girl goes. “Oh mommy! I love old songs like this one! I was like oooof, right in my age feels. I’m only 19 stop it child, I’m it supposed to feel old yet.

Back on track I agree completely. While I’m okay with totally different routes it can’t be like.

Crown of Gold vs Crown of Cardboard

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One thing to note is that drastic changes will require a lot of work, with the downside that most people won’t ever see it… :confused: As @Arasia_Valentia says, some people will of course, but I understand most people will only play a game once, and I imagine that the majority of those that do replay will stick with a single gender and change other aspects. Also, as @rose-court points out, both versions will need to be more-or-less equally enjoyable, which will make it far harder again…

If you want to write different stories for each gender, then that’s okay, but I certainly feel like it would be far too much trouble for far too little benefit.


I like when the game recognize the protagonist gender and give different stories and stuff. What I don’t like is when the difference are just malus for one side.
We were talking DAO? Being a female Warden meant being barren, but males no. And with how the endgame play with Morrigan’s request, left a bad taste in my mouth.
So, yes, I like it, but I’d like it not giving more angst to one side only :sweat_smile:
Make it at least balanced.


That’s very true. In the end. Putting more stress on oneself would be very bad, and that’s TWO storylines you’d have to perfect in order to create an enjoyable experience for the player. But on the other side, not necessarily I think? When it comes to ChoiceScript games I’d imagine most play it for the choice making. Going back and replaying the game might be more common actually, but I’m not sure myself. One way to do it is to put a disclaimer that both the male and female have unique individual storylines or something like that, or a bonus mode that allows you to view certain scenes from the other side. That’d be cool.

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The only thing that matters to me regarding this subject is the choice to be male or female. If the game has it, then I wouldn’t mind play for the both genders with any changes. If there is no choice, however… Well, then it’s not for me.

I dunno , in my own experience from games I played , it’s rarely well done .And it’s a bit hard to do, but it would make for a unique experience though .

And I’m speaking about 3D games outta there . One good exemple was…I think it was one of the old resident evil game where you played with 2 characters . And when you pick a weapon for exemple , the 2nd character you will also play , end up picking what’s left and not have a gun (or get it later) .

I voted for minor thing like dialogues of romance , a few scene . I think it can be refreshing if you are playing a different specie . I always wonder why it isn’t there , since some choiceofgames games do have different specie , but often they copy paste say a romance scene . Making choosing a different size , shape and such…rather pointless .

Of course, there’d be nothing bad about having a game like that IMO. The more the merrier. Albeit I doubt anyone would truly be up to doing that since you’d pretty much be writing more than 1 game.

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Good man.

i remember some diffrences but its been at least 3 years since ive played origins.

I know right, and now you know how i feel when you said a considerably lower number…i was in my early 20s

…moving on hmm gender difference, hmmm big difference little difference.
All in the story if there is a big difference in the treatment of the genders then yea go “hog wild” if not minimal difference or moderate.


Yes. I’ve made a concept along these lines (not released to the public) and it was a fun experience. However, as some people have alluded to, you’re making two games for the price of one. I’m pretty sure that you can recycle some scenes with minor tweaks, but I believe that it would require a greater amount of time to pull it off successfully.

Actually, female wardens might not be barren. This might not be canon, specifically, but ending slides with a romanced Alistair and female Cousland on the throne has a specific text saying there are problems because they can’t have an heir. However, if the female Cousland and Alistair end up on the throne but she romances Zevran, that specific slide doesn’t come up. (Of course, I could be remembering wrong. I haven’t played it in so long.)

EDIT: As for my feelings on the subject at hand, I tentatively say that would enjoy separate experiences for different genders. I’m wary just because it usually ends up with, like, oh women are seen as lesser so you’re going to be playing on hard difficulty if you want to be a girl character and also you have to read through a metric shit ton of sexist crap, say. But I think, in general, more content would be aces.


hum…maybe two warden can’t make baby , but I know alistair can with a no tainted women like morrigan .