What elements can we get on elemental saga

I always got healing is there a different element to get and how can i get it

i tried and got those : Healing, Earth and Electrical

I got Earth arth having high Dominance and a little bit of Brilliance with no Eloquence , and i got Electrical having a high Brilliance with a little bit Eloquence and with no Dominance…

i suppose the other basic elements are available as well ( Fire , Water er and Air) , i don’t know if other complex elements such as healing are available as well

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Oh right thanks for telling me

as far as i can tell from the achievments buzzer (electricity) brick hard(earth) practically a fish(water) mendor (healing)
as for how they are achieved couldnt say.

I really want to get fire and earth I just keep getting healing


I think there’s only 4
And Healing aura (and I thought you’ll get Light magic)

I got Water by having a high Eloquence.

I got Water by having a high Eloquence, a bit of Brilliance and no Dominance.

anybody know how to get fire

As far as I can tell, I don’t think Fire is an option. :confused:

How did you get healing?