What Are Your Favorite WIPs?

Mine would be:

  1. Children of God’s: Hero Trails
  2. Freaks: Admist Neon Lights
  3. Monsters New Haven high school ( I think that’s what it is called)
  1. Children of God’s: Hero Trials
  2. Guenevere
  3. Monsters New Haven High School

Children of the gods and monsters new haven high school

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  1. Son of Satan: The Mortal Coil by @Dae-kalina
  2. Breach: The Archangel Job by @MichaelMaxwell
  3. Fallen Hero 2: Retribution by @malinryden
  4. Become Mortal by @Tevin
  5. The Golden Rose by @Anathema
  6. The Unwanted Warrior by @NutellaQueen
  7. Trinity by @keyport
  8. One In A Millennium by @DecryptedDev
  9. Demon: Recollect by @Bathala
  10. Triaina Academy by @LeoXII

There’s so many good ones that I don’t have time to look at them all, since I’m so focused on my own things right now. But I did play a bit of Demon:Recollect. Seemed nice but didn’t have enough time to get really into it.


The Oval Office

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Breach is coming out sooner or later, does that still count? But breach is a close second to my favorite wip, From Ashes we Rise. Still kinda to see the thread for that nowadays.


My favorite:

  1. Dragon!
  2. Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
  3. Team Zero
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  1. The Passenger (all time fav actually)
  2. Fallen Hero 2: Retribution
  3. The Unwanted Warrior

Now there is a blast from the past, still Damon was super cute.

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Team Zero
Choice of Rebels

This are just numbers.

  1. Fallen hero 2: Retribution @malinryden
  2. Children of the gods @Rohie
  3. The Wayhaven Chronicles Book Two @Seraphinite
  4. Seven days in purgatory @Sel_Lee
  5. Breach @MichaelMaxwell
  6. Lux: City of secrets book 3 @ThomB
  7. A dogs life Pt 1 @hexfur
  8. Greenwarden @fiddles
  9. Triania Academy @LeoXII
  10. Demon: Recollect @Bathala
  1. Samurai of Hyuga 4 [Devon Connell]
  2. Fallen Hero 2: Retribution @malinryden
  3. Land of Slaves and Steel @Arasia_Valentia
  4. Model Citizens: Unmasked @RenaB
  5. Apex Predators @rinari
  6. Green Warden @fiddles
  7. Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights @Snoe
  8. Bad Ritual @HeartForge
  9. Wayhaven Chronicles 2 @Seraphinite

I like… stuff with pain and tragic pasts.

  1. HCF Redux
  2. Triana Academy
  3. Freak: Admist The Neon Lights

Freak: Admist The Neon Lights, is mentioned a lot, yet, it is still not give enough credit. I don’t really get the time to be checking out other projects, but I still find myself coming back to that one just because it pulls me in so well even though I’m not for the general superhero style, I just find it that interesting to play.


I completely agree. It was a really good story and the MC was interesting. First time I have played a mute character, video games don’t count, and it was pleasant to read


@Sel_Lee thanks for the shout out !!

Also one of my faves is @M.Zhou 's God of the Red Mountain !!!

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So Ive been reading WIP like a maniac for a while and I thought why not share them with everyone so those are the Best wips Ive read so far and why I found then interesting or enjoyable[Im not providing a summary but why I found the game eyecatching]. If you are reading Wips pls share your experience too what you liked or disliked about said wip(and for me to steal/read them), it can also serve as feedback for dear authors

PS:Im sorry, english is not my first language, Also its my first time making a post so please tolerate me​:pleading_face::sob:

[Fallen hero:retrubution]:


what I really love about this game/book is: 1-Agnst 2-Agnst 3-story/World building 4-Agnst. no, for real this is not the first or last superhero/villain story but what so special about it,its gets you so hooked up, I don’t know what to do with all the emotions its a mix of pity, frustration, affection, sadness, love, Anger The author did a good job convrying those feelongs and making the player live/indulge within the story . Also, I consider it one of the best written romances on cog bc it feels natural and smooth unlike some romances that feels so superficial.I love how the game give us the choice to become a REAL villain since there are some games that you are a villain but it doesn’t feels like it you are too nice to be a villain

[The unwanted warrior]:


I think the world of this game is the biggest? Your life take a 180 turn from living as a bastrad of a king where you are abused (emotionally) by your stepmom to a powerful being who got the power to command and talk to animals so you literally jump from a normal kingdom kind of life to a fantasy world and its intriguing and exciting bc it doesn’t happen like boom to boom no you take your time living in both worlds so it doesn’t feel rushed with lot of character intreaction ofc but I would really like more options and personality building

[Mind blind]:


As the game suggest its a game where you are NOT the ONE which is kinda rare!it happens in a world where everyone one have mind powers expect a tiny minority whom you Are part of which makes you the ONE but not in way where you save the day. its make me wonder how is our MC gonna live with/ or overcome this disability

[Exiled from court]:


no super power,no supernatural events,no supernatural creatures…nothing just chilling. well,maybe ignore the chilling part bc in this game we’re saving our parent who Kicked our a** out of the house😊from being beheaded , we’re a noble or former nobility in a story where we may or may not be a villain,or more of a troublemaker. This game is in early stages but Im Super excited for it

[Model citizens]:


its quite unique. build in a world where superheroes are a thing but you are not one,you are just a nobody🙃 Ahem…just kidding you are a journalist but not just any journalist you are the villain ex-spouse and your job consist of unmasking heros. yes, heroes not villains and THAT is more exciting than being a superhero.



OHOHOHOHO,The freaking Agnst won again…this one is pretty hard to describe like Im Not sure where to start. so basically you are a hunter(hunting supernaturals),The MC hate everyone including themselves,They got a trauma and they see really weird/creepy dreams,in short their mentality is pretty shaken up. so Im kinda excited to see how the MC changes or devlop including their intreactions with the NPCs

[Whisper in the dark]:


You are possessed,you are not but in this game you definitely are. Having a demon talking to you inside your head is kinda interesting I would say its not new to have someone or something in your head but this story is solid and keeps you interested,the characters are great and well-written. the wip is in the first stages but its showed great potential, so I recommend



Listen dude this is DRACULA. This game keep you interested. Unfortunately,its gender-locked F ,But its worth it ,its kinda mysterious and heavenly character driven,as someone who didn’t see the movie I quite enjoyed the wip. Also Mina(MC) is supposed to be a villain , Im not sure if its still valid cause she still didn’t do anything villainous,Also I don’t know what to expect from the story as it still quite the mystery

[The passenger]:


This one is kinda unique too. Brief,bc you play as an old or eldertich creature that being chased by another creature and you jumped dimention to escape and so got traped inside a baby human body,the world building is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.,its full demo but still mysterious and can’t imagine whats gonna happen next. This game is weird in a good way and leaves you really intrigued even though the first part felt ominous and depressing, its a complete alpha demo so hopefully coming soon

[The Odessa dating games]:


its a ROMANCE. Something that we don’t get often you got to customize the main Ro(Crown prin…) from physiques to personality. its still not very clear as its really new like there is only half of chapter 1 but interesting

[Supernatural in NewYork]:


I LOVE Supernaturals,I mean we all do right?but since not all supernatural stories are well written,I recomend this one,its interesting bc its kinda being a detective but for supernaturals.I really like the personality variation and the many options this game offers which is something I would really like to see more on cog. You Can Romance lucifer’s brother(Beelzebub) all ROs are interesting tbh, we got SARCASM as a stat and you get two pets as bonus one of them is a dragon only if you want to

[Demon:Recollect] :


this game is original. you are a VERY old mutant last of your generation ,just imagine an ancient being thrown into the modern world or rather waking up after a very long sleep. Unlike the previous wip here you don’t romance lucifer’s brother you romance Lucifer himself:upside_down_face:,the MC is a total badass and I like that,The writing style and world building are Overwhelming,The NPCs are so interesting and well written. the demo is fully completed and was submitted to the cog team. IM SO EXCITED

[Seven day in purgatory]:


This is one of a kind. I don’t really know what to make of it since it on early stages its really interesting,creepy and mysterious,the setup is so WOAAAAH… So you the MC have amnesia your memory and all your past are forgetten (your past seems to be shady),you are married(and Im tottaly in love with the spouse even though they seems shady too but they are so adorable)but you are defenitly not a normal couple,you are in a vacation or trip to discover yourself or remember your past however you can always become a new person. Join the forum people are making all kinds of theories and its enjoyable to read ,you can make your own too

[Feral hearts]:


this wip is in it really early stage so I don’t have much to say about it but its Romance focused,werewolves and +18 so Im in

[Guenever] :


This wip is based on the story of King Arther as we all know there a lot of version of the story (O read or watched none tbh but read about it a lil after seeing that I enjoyed the game)and this game is it own version too,in this version Guen is an idependent and strong woman as a woman myself I really like how she is written you can also change and custumize her personality to your liking bc its a personality focused game,its gender-locked female,you can romance :heart:Arther,Lancelot and Arther step-sister Morgana​:heart: this game options and vhoices make it replayable also I like that our actions have consequences in late this book and next books hopefully(Author confirmed)its on hiatus cause of the author’s health (Get well soon,Dear Author)

[The golden Rose]:


You play a mercenery working for a company called the White company,What I liked mainly about this Wip is the variation of options in all aspect weapons,choices,personality,physics to top it off The intreactions between the MC and NPCs or between NPCs is GREAT and rich


My absolute favorite right now is Fallen Hero. The character depth, the overarching story, the different plot lines, fantastic game.

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I enjoy

Mommy, we’ve created a plot hole

Regrets of the traitor

Atheina: a story of the gods

The fallen divine

and much more, but I don’t feel like typing them all down.