What are the uses of points in the game?

I have been playing a lot of hosted games lately and I was just wondering the use for the points we receive from the achievements unlocked. Like, what is the point? (sorry for the bad pun)


They aren’t used for anything. It is an arbitrary valuation of how difficult or easy it is to get a certain event to occur within the game.

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So it’s easier to get the ones that are worth less points?

Right, the author places high values on achievements that need a lot of effort to be obtained, or the ones that are rare to find.


In theory, at least.


Honestly, there’s no point aside from that satisfaction from obtaining those achievements. Well, for games uploaded to Steam, their achievements are integrated to Steam’s, so there’s that.

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If that is the reason, then what is the point of assigning points for the epilogues too?

Stop. Get some help.

Well, the points of achievement points is literally up to the writer. Whatever their design style/philosophy is, there’s no value outside of taking its face value from the writer’s perspective.

I, for one, just discovered that you can’t assign 0 as achievement points. FYI.

I mean, you could ask that of achievements for literally any game. Only a few, online-based, games give some sort of real life value to achievements. Most do not.


Dream Quest has the coolest achievement system I have ever seen (it’s seriously the best game on iOS, if anyone doesn’t have it they should get it). Unlocking them actually unlocks cards and abilities, but you can also spend points you earn in the game from playthroughs to ‘unlock’ an achievement without achieving it in order to get access to whatever cool thing comes with it.

With points, the only real point to them is to get more. I hope that one day the omnibus apps may introduce a cumulative point total across various stories, as this would promote people going back and trying out old games that like to see their score build up. But nothing like that’s been announced.


I’m pretty sure points are pretty much meaningless. It’s an arbitrary designation to the difficulty of achieving a certain aspect of the game. If something requires a specific playthrough style to achieve and really needs you to comb through the material, that will likely be given a higher point amount than simply moving through the game casually.

It’s meant to point out, “getting this is harder than just playing the game” so that when you do get it, you feel more accomplished

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That’s a neat system, and it would be easy to code into a choicescript game–thanks for sharing that! I might just be inspired :thinking: