Are the achievements necessary?

I writting my first story and I wonder what is the difference between put achievements and don’t put it

I tend not to care about them when I write. They don’t add to the game at all to me.

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thanks for the help I just realiced that one of my favorite games “lords of Aswick” dont have achievements :smile: so I think I pass this time

They can add to replay value, especially for readers who like to “collect” things in games.

Think about how many games/toys are built around the whole concept of “Collect them all!” It’s a powerful message!


You are right too but anyway I have to finish it first but thank you

Personally I think achievements are quite dumb and don’t add anything to the game. But then on the other hand some people find them quite entertaining as has already been mentioned.

Objectively they do no harm and possibly add replay value for some people. They could also take some time to think of what they should be and where they should be placed.

Advantages outweigh the disadvantages so yeah probably a good idea to add them.

While achievements aren’t necessary they can be convenient to have in very branching stories because at the end of a playthrough they illustrate that there are branches that the player hasn’t seen yet.


Yep. When Community College Hero is published, I’m doing FB and/or Twitter contests for folks to send me Gamecenter screenshots showing the achievement points they earned.

People forget about things so quickly nowadays! I think it’s wise to try to make a lasting impression on the reader and capitalize on their interest as much as possible.

I don’t think they are all THAT necressarilly, but they do indeed add some replay value - not just in the ‘gotta catch them all’-sense, but the ‘Whoa, it’s actually possible to do (insert whatever it is here, such as saving your whole team, collect all the McGuffins, marry all the love interests, etc)? I gotta try to do that!’-sense as well…

Indeed. They can be useful in that regard, for example in Choice of Robots I read through the achievements to see what endings are possible. Some of which made me want to play the game to get those endings.

On the other hand however it could be argued that the game didn’t portray the multiple endings to the player well enough. One could even add a sort of “There are still 4 more endings that you haven’t seen!” kind of thing at the end screen.

I agree, although you don’t have to have them, particularly if your story branches, it’s nice to have them in there to let people know they’ve missed out on parts of the story they may never have know was there otherwise.

I never think so many people will answer my question
many thanks you guys

I probably put achievements in the end because I think that indeed is useful know diferent ends or paths so you can play them anyhow thanks a lot :smile:

While I do acknowledge the merit of your question, this thread belongs in the “general” tag, not in the “Works in Progress” tag, which is to advertise CoG-based interactive fiction that is currently being written.

You are right, sorry I m going to change it right now.