Function of Achievement Points (Not the Achievement itself)

While achievements in a game act as sort of a reminder of how much and how long a person has played a game, the achievements points themselves possess (as far as I can tell) no function.Now what I would like to see is that maybe the points can be used in the game.For instance, if the MC wants to buy something like a badass weapon that costs 3000 gold, he can buy it using 1000 achievements points.Now with this the MC can use the gold for other stuff and it would act as a sort of reward for getting achievements in a game.

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I think this features would not be a good design decision. Not only would it be difficult to use, because choicescript does not have a native way to refer to ‘number of achievement points user has’ in the code, it would also undermine the feeling of fairness that I get from most choicescript games. All choicescript games I have played so far, if you make the exact same choices, you get the exact same results. It’s fair. What would not be fair is someone who played the game for a while getting a ‘better’ result just for playing it repeatedly and accumulating achievements. Furthermore, choicescript’s core appeal is narrative, not gameplay or levelling. Adding non-narrative features can distract from what makes most choicescript games GOOD.

This is my opinion, not an objective fact.


Well if the game just added points to an achievement counter every time one was achieved then it would work, but I agree I do not see the point of it

I’d rather have the achievements open “paradox routes” instead of augmenting the routes already open.

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Agreed with @Crotale on this, though it would be nice for achievements to actually do something instead of just…being there.

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Achievements are there because some people like to collect 'em all.

If you don’t care, ignore 'em.

I think I’d be with Adam. Whether through achievements or getting to an/the/all ending(s), a new game+ of some kind with new content would be nice. But it would be a lot of extra time and effort for a writer. If someone wanted to try it, I’d be all for testing it out and unlockable stuff always feels good to actually unlock. I suppose I’d need to actually see someone try it before deciding if it adds to the game or goes largely unnoticed.

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With Unnatural, some achievements give you codes that you can use in a new game plus to boost your character. Other than that I’ve not seen any other use for them.

Can a CS game read achievements (they’re permanent, right?) say to allow someone to jump to that place in the game if they’ve passed a specific milestone?

The new game plus codes are coded in the game by me they were there before achievements were added I just made some of the achievements relate to some of the possible codes.

Well don’t I feel silly :joy:

@Hanon_Ondricek That would require some extra programming. A game can award the same achievement multiple times, and you’d need to place some sort of label with the *achieve in order to go to it with a save. All of the *achievement are stored at the beginning in the startup. However, you can have a code hidden in an achievement that, if typed in, takes you to a certain point in the game- the trouble is that all of the choices made by a player prior to that point are not stored anywhere, so the author would need to code in their own way of creating a save state - and hiding a code in an achievement is not flexible. It would probably be better to simply create a save point the hard way, by creating a separate *create (stat) for every stat and variable up to that point, setting them to = the original stat at that point, and then creating a load point at the -end- of the game rather than the beginning which sets your base stats to = the separate alt stats and takes you to that point in the game.