What are good laptops for CoG script?

I’m investing in a new laptop, and I’m thinking about Acer Aspire or Acer Swift. Would Choice script run on those?

(I currently have a chromebook which can run zilch.)

Honestly, anything modern will be fine. It’s not something that is particularly resource hungry. You could use the web version of CSIDE on your Chromebook.


If you can install node and a text editor, you’re good to go


Which basically any desktop setups or laptops, unless you’re using ancient machines using vacuum tubes.

The limitation usually came from the web browser side which they’re fairly js-phobic.


I had no clue that this worked on chromebooks. I’ll have to take note of that.

I’m really regretting getting a Chromebook… Like you, I’m having trouble finding a solution that works. I had trouble syncing CSIDE and tried using Notebook ++ (my favourite on desktop) in browser through RollApp but you have to pay to save files and there’s an annoying amount of lag anyway. All the other text editors I can find seem to have issues in one regard or another. It’s frustrating…

RE: CSIDE “sync issues”, please feel free to PM me, or post on the forum thread about any issues you’re having. Chances are we can resolve them.


It was a little while ago so I’ll have to check again to remind myself what the exact issue was. I do remember, however, that my frustration was more with Dropbox than with CSIDE itself (which I love btw!).

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I recommend just uploading the whole shebang to a google drive folder and editing on docs.

I am going to echo an earlier comment and say to avoid Chromebooks. Acer is a solid brand for PCs as for the models mentioned, I can’t give you more insight unless I saw the model number as I would need to look over the stats sheet.

For my line of work, I typically like using gaming rigs. The high memory/graphics allow me to get elaborate with my projects but can also run the high-end games when they come out. Also high amounts of RAM never killed anyone. (You don’t need to go overboard for CSIDE. I think I was doing well with my 8 GB laptop.)

I hope that helps.


I used to have an acer.

Pros: While they actually work, you get a lot of bang for your buck.
Negatives: My old, old acer (from a very long time ago) had issues shortly after buying. It was repaired and lasted a very long time. Nothing but good to say about it. Since then, apparently the manufacturing has changed on them and it shows.

The second acer I bought started dying when still under warranty. (Over heating, shutting off, issues with charging.)

Round 1: They fluffed me around for a long time about the warranty (not entirely their fault- a big part of it was with the store that sold it to me), and eventually agreed that they would repair it under warranty. Said they’d get their courior pick up the computer “at some point over the next two weeks.” Advised to put a note on my file that they needed to tell me the day before pick up as I don’t bring my computer to work and would have to back up the data and reformat it for them as it was my only computer. Was called on my drive into work one morning they were coming to get it in an hour. Advised didn’t have it with me. They told me bad luck then and they were cancelling my repair ticket.

Round 2: Had to open a new warranty ticket. Insert more fluffing around here. This time they requested I send the computer to them. Registered mail, arrived at destination. No update. Called for update. Was told all fine, 3-6wks to return (not unusual.) No update. Called for update x many times after 6 wks. Brushed off/lied to/not called back.

Eventually after a few months of this, was told they had no idea where my computer was and it’d probably been lost. No they wouldn’t replace it. No after this amount of time it probably wouldn’t be found again but all they could do for me was to “keep looking” but maybe I should consider buying myself a new computer. Said not acceptable as they were the ones who’d lost it. Basically told bad luck.

Got a little upset. Complained on a computer forum about it where a knew they had a rep. Rep was lovely. Looked into it, confirmed lost computer, replaced with a similar model. Also contacted me about 2 weeks after the new computer arrived to say they’d found my computer if I specifically wanted that one back. The box it arrived in had never been opened and it hadn’t been repaired so I said thanks but happy with the new one.

New computer died under similar circumstances while still under warranty. Sent back via the rep and got it back without issues a few weeks later.

New computer’s power adapter died. Power cords aren’t covered under warranty. Bought a new one.

New computer died again under similar circumstances shortly after it went out of warranty. Chose not to have it repaired. Bought a MSI instead.

Short story- From my experience and just about ever tech person I’ve spoken to, lower end ACERs do not generally have a good reputation. My experience of ACER’s general tech support was appalling on so many levels. I only got a computer back because I knew where to contact a rep. No way was I getting help through their tech support line. Not sure if ACER support is like this in all countries, but I’d be pretty reluctant to buy one again.

Incidentally my MSI had an issue a few months ago and although I did have to send it out for a while to get a part replaced (it happened over the christmas period!), but the process was so easy! Absolutely zero stress involved.


Can I convert stuff I’ve written on online CSIDE to my Acer? I wrote some stuff, but it can’t seem to upload to Dashingdon so others can look at it. It downloads as a zip file with multiple txt files on my chromebook and I need it to all be txt file.

Can’t you unzip the file to get at the text files you need?


Yes, but I can only upload to dashingdon one at a time.

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I’m sure Dashingdon.com allows for up to 20 files per upload, afaik. Unless that’s been changed since it’s been a while I’m using the site.

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Yes that’s right, I uploaded some stuff recently. Just highlight multiple files in the folder and upload.

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I bought a chromebook. First one bricked itself in a week. Second one I’ve been using at least weekly for 10 months and is still going strong.

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