What age would you allow kids to play video games?

Well, in at least the case of Joe Lieberman, it’s the reverse - when he was trying to ban video games he was still well within the Democratic liberal camp.

Of course, that was the 1990s, a time when the Democrats had drunk the same kool-aid as the original Progressives and thought that they could legislate everything that they thought would make the world a better place.


Definitely don’t let kids play hardcore games too soon. There’s no reason to deprive them of a proper childhood. Certainly school will do that to them soon enough.


I would never allow my children access to any form of media (books, adverts, music and the like included)
They will tend chickens, rear goats, learn to speak Spanish and perform basic maintenance on the house and that’s it. Sex Ed will be given at the age of 21.

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Well, yes. They’re mostly in the US, where both major parties are right wing and 80% of the population is Christian.

I mean, my post was to counter frep’s assertion that the people going around claiming video games make people violent are somehow “tree-hugging hippies”.

I would say at 9, but they should be video games that he cannot carry in his pocket so that he does not get distracted anywhere like school

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I mean there are a lot of educational game for 5 yo so I guess I let them play that when they are toddler?

Games are actually easy to control because you can see the content easily. :sweat_smile: Like you have to get a lengthy process to access it, like downloading it etc so you can see the content beforehand.

The show like that weird elsa spiderman thingy on yt that I mostly afraid of lmao.

Idk about us, but boomer parents in my country also the same.

The worst part is that they try to cancel the show/game that clearly aren’t meant for children or boycotting the creator itself. And for the stupid reason too. Like this x character wear revealing clothes when in reality the character wear sweater with skirt that little bit above ankle…

Like limit what your children can consume don’t attack the creator pls. :sob:



Lol, that would require actual parenting.

8-10. Would disable online communication though and vet the games beforehand. Would loosen up once they were around 12-13.

There’s plenty of studies on the positive effects of video games on children, it improves memory, visual-spatial skills, and literacy. I think any age is fine as long as the games are age appropriate. I let my kid start playing games when she was about six.

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