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I tried the peaceful ending for the first time with Bly (despite knowing that a peaceful cabin in the woods is absolutely not her setting) and the crazy girl actually tried to tango with a grizzly bear because of how bored she was.


Please can anyone tell me what triggers the Sonoma ending?

I want to cure Rost but I haven’t been able to get the Sonoma ending

Hello everyone, I’m doing a stealth path, cause i like it… Aside from intimidation, what else should I raise together? Combat seems like a bad choice, since the stealth already has options for combat (the cunning strikes).

I decided for a stealth/knowledge build pretty good btw, the things is about the sequel did anyone notice that a new created char at the second games, doing the same choices as you did, get stronger than the one you really played? In other words i see no reason to bring my char from the last game, cause a new is going to be stronger anyway.

I haven’t noticed that but I imagine that a character created in Book 2 lacks the nuances that playing through the first game grants your old character.

That is to say, while you can choose to, for instance, specialize in Combat and Vitality during character creation in Book 2, your character is likely to have points in other stats which were earned through smaller choices that the character creator won’t bring up and which you will lose if you don’t carry your character over.

So in short, I’m planning my games.
In one word, what are tohose 5 endings?

So it’s been a few years and I don’t know what’s going on or if I’m doing something wrong or what… but the first time I played this game I got the DC ending and was thrown in with Williams. I also had support from the activists and my pack reputation was at ‘Paragon’ I believe.
The problem is… I’ve been trying to reach that ending again so I can save the game and load it into the sequel but I just… can’t get to it. And I’ve tried soo many times. I’ve even tried looking at the code and following that.
Is anyone able to help me with this? Or does anyone know what sequence of choices will lead to that ending?

Me again: I’m checking game files, and can’ t see such scenes as meetings with Ahote or training with bly/jolon. Wonder where those scenes or subscenes go? How to find them? Any help?

They are all in the sub_stories.txt file.

Thx. Couldn’t see that folder in startup.txt

I think that’s awesome I’m glad that PC players can now enjoy it too if they don’t have it on their phone already.

Could someone help me? What are the romance options in book 2 and how to reach them?

Similar questions. What are romantic options in both books? Can you romance multiple characters?