"Werewolf: The Apocalypse — The Book of Hungry Names" Demo Available Now!

Is it because they’re dumb and they suck? Because, again, there were literally zero points in Night Road in which I DIDN’T think “I have this 117.3% under control”.

EDIT: Contrast with Out for Blood, in which I spent pretty much the entire time thinking “I make a misstep here and I’m lunch”.

(to be perfectly fair, though, OfB is the second-hardest CoG game to get the ending how I want it that I’ve ever played, so)


More so because tech has caught up that even the vampire disciplines cant really save you
Night road had a few, several encounters with the second inquisition come to mind where you can die, I just think that was more plot armor than anything
Coming to mind, when you run down or try and flee from the SI hunters armed to the teeth, they could have easily shot in the window and just ended you. Or popped a tire, cause they’re spec ops humans
You really shouldnt have lived, in a lot of cases

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I mean out for blood is just a hunter the reckoning game so that is the focal point, but I get what you mean

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I think i have a better idea of what you might be complaining about now.
In my eyes, Its not about having a favored build, but rather a balancing gameplay mechanic that in this circumstance or based on how you play, seems to work against you.
Youre supposed to be able to gain Rage (in canon) by being in danger and looking at the moon or other surges of anger. In game, that’s manifested as being in combat with enemies and sleeping so your Rage waxes or wanes according to your auspice or by being aggressive.
You spend it primarily by using your forms, whether for combat, skill checks or healing.
With those two mechanics in place, you need a way to reasonably and reliably decrease Rage because you arent gonna be hurt every second of every moment of play or in combat all the time. So here, when you de-escalate a situation or walk away, you lose Rage and that might be causing you to lose the Wolf.

Truth be told, and I really do empathize with you on this because on my Ragabash playthroughs, I lost the wolf so many times I may as well have been a Kinfolk so I’m sorry being in character causes you to lose the Wolf. But thats just the game. Its part of the challenge I’m afraid. Werewolves are half spirit, half physical being. Half man, half beast. And sometimes those two are gonna be in conflict. The Ragabash and Theurge need a clear head (aka little Rage) to do what they do, like think clearly and commune with spirits.
But I still disagree with you because I’m glad this part of their existence shines through in the story and the game mechanics. But also, without that mechanic, I, and others I’m sure, would’ve frenzied so many times as an Ahroun or my 1 playthrough as a Galliard. Its a difficult balancing act to do with the mechanics but I feel like the creator of the demo balanced as well as they could have. Like I and others said earlier, giving Ragabash and Theurges more opportunities to gain Rage, putting a “+/-” indicator in story telling mode for Rage or a “!” for possible Frenzy moments would be good alternatives.


If this is a concern you can try launching the demo in private/incognito mode, that’s how I do it so I can avoid clearing the cache.


Alright, so I murdered my cache (and possibly my saves across the board), and now I can access the demo, lessee these first four chapters!

Tagging @Moochava because besides just random rambling comments, there’s at least one place where I feel I need more clarification in the game.

Stuff I've noticed, stray thoughts, and also massive spoilers (duh)

That movie, besides everything else that it did wrong (which was a lot), has ruined the name Martha forever. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.
And I’m hunting a “Bane”, I see, I see.

Storyteller Mode, by any name, should be a mandatory feature in every CoG game.

Alright, I actually feel in danger from the (haha) horsefly, so that’s a plus.

Unclear: is option 2 just the same as option 3, with an added “try to talk this dude into not being drunk on aggression”, or are they actually about different things?

This is about the second or third time the Litany comes up and, while I’m sort of puzzling it out through context clues, I feel it shouuld actually be spelled out what it is. It does NOT show up in the in-game glossary.

Is it bad that Clay is munching away at the horsefly? Does Baneflesh have a corrupting effect of sorts, or are Garou like the garbage disposals of Gaia?

Also, apparently everybody in this enterprise that isn’t me is an incompetent, posturing buffoon, I did not start working freelance in real life to deal with the same sort of people in my recreational activities instead. >_>

There’s at least one disconnect between the journal and the actual game: the first has a skill called Technology, while in the game it appears to be divided between Mechanics and Computer. Don’t know if that’s the only one.

Scarper appears to not have an entry in the “People” section. Sick burn.

Rage and Health are probably going to end up being the most mutable stats, so I suggest putting them at the top of the stats page, instead of near the bottom, as they’re likely to be referred to more often.

Oh, turns out I SHOULD have been worried about Clay munching on Baneflesh after all. Feels like I should have had an option to warn him at the time?

I’m not sure if it’s the INTENDED behaviour, but I’m pretty sure I could get Clay into the van via skill check, but am going with glabro form instead because I specifically want to burn Rage, because 3 is definitely way too high for me to be comfortable with. Having never played Werewolf, is this how am I supposed to make decisions? Of course, if I’m roleplaying a werewolf that wants to keep his cool and not let the Rage take control (which I am), that sounds exactly the sort of parameter he’d take into consideration when making decisions. :thinking:

Some choices don’t appear to display Storyteller Mode, like this one (among others):

What tablet? I don’t remember any tablet being mentioned. Oh god, it’s Pon Para all over again, with tablets doing whatever the hell they feel like. STOP USING TABLETS, MARQUIS! SCROLLS ARE RIGHT THERE!

As an aside, the spirit cat bits are suitably disconcerting to try to parse what’s you and what’s the cat, which I’m pretty sure is what you were aiming for.

lol. Also, there’s the tablet. I’d have to replay to make absolutely sure, but I think this is the first time I’m seeing the thing.

Pharmacies sell shirts and socks in the US? O_o

Ooooh, tough choice between the Furies and the Children.

A transwoman giving a completely unknown hitchhiker a ride is the bravest person in all the land, give the lass a medal.

(also, yep, Rage should definitely be at the top of the stats screen for ease of consultation)

Jesus Fucking Christ, Kyle. O_o

Now I just feel old. :older_man:

“in the back”

It’s close enough that it doesn’t make a difference, I guess, and I could figure it out from context, but it’s still weird that you reference him by name BEFORE you give his name,

I just noticed that the game makes a huge deal of how much money we, ahem, “acquire”, but that amount doesn’t appear to be visibly tracked anywhere.

:heart: :hugs:


I’m confused. I’m fighting Leatherface, got cut with the silver scalpel, and shifted and regenerated, and all my wounds went away. I thought I had to get a good night’s sleep before healing from silver wounds? Or is only that if the silver wound is suffered in a supernatural form (i.e., any but Homid)?


Huh, I think this is a pretty good ratio.

Those two fails I’m pretty sure are the checks in the fight against Leatherface, because, uh…

Playing it risky, considering I’m playing Iron Wolf mode. :smile:

Considering the previous screen how the spirits were happy or something, I take it I should pick that first option to “level up” or something?

There’s something off with that “wait inside”. It doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the situation, and also it has closing quotation marks that were never opened.

Aaaand I’ve reached the end of the demo, which means you have limited picks in that huge menu. Does checking email count as a pick? If not, what else doesn’t take a pick? Either way, there should really be a counter for how many picks you have left before it moves on to the next chapter.

Also, couldn’t find out how to “level up”, might want to make it more obvious in the choices description.

Now to wait three weeks. :frowning:

You’re using tablets in your games again, Marquis, I thought we’d been over this. >_>


There is already an option to warn Clay about eating the bane’s flesh however he disregarded us for being a know it all cub and the fact that he hates you and tries to bully you around using the litany (werewolves version of the tradition) along with Scarper who will take credit for killing the bane.


Huh, I totally missed it, then. Maybe there was something in that particular choice list I thought more important. Thanks. :thinking:


Me looking at my entire werewolf pack sharing 1 neuron that burned out long ago


Nope his death is neccesary for the mc the leave their old pack and headed to broad brook after being kicked out by Scarper who got tired of the mc or they leaves by themself after kicking Scarper ass after being bullied around too many times. Beside Elton said it himself Clay deserves it for being an idiot.

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Also the choice that might seem to be stat checks, but nothing shows up in Storyteller Mode aren’t stats check, I looked at most of the code of what’s available and there isn’t an indication missing.

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Oh, really? That one (and others) really sound like they’re stat checks. Thanks.

Hm, it is possible to save Black Tarn, not that my PC ever bothers. He saved the trucker that Black Tarn almost killed, after all. He figured that it would only be a matter of time before Black Tarn slipped and killed an innocent bystander when he would not be present to perform damage control. Therefore, she can rot in the Umbra for all eternity, for all that my PC cares.

As a matter of fact, the entire original pack can feed the worms, for all that my PC cares. As far as he is concerned, Clay deserves his agonizing end for his stupidity, and Scarper can self-destruct in his own toxicity. However, they were not dragging my PC down with them. Hence, he left at the very first opportunity, once he had learned enough to follow the lead about the bane. He would have dearly loved to leave Scarper with some bruises as a parting gift, but he knows his own strengths and weaknesses, which are very much not suited for physical fighting. Furthermore, he very much did not want to cause a scene in front of innocent human onlookers, a scene that could have resulted in them being caught in the crossfire. A lie to deceive Scarper had to suffice, thus allowing my PC to finally leave for better prospects elsewhere.


Idk if anyones tried this or suceeded but can you join the black Furies in the demo? I’ve tried on my male and female characters and the text makes it seem like i have all the qualifications necessary. Whats stopping me? Is it a particular skill or stat thats not high enough? Is that just not part of the demo currently?

You can’t join the Black Furies in the demo.


As for jobs, my PC takes the job from Byzance at the coffee shop. Yes, my PC would be more oriented towards something that would exercise his mental attributes, but he figures that he needs to practice and shore up his social skills and attributes. Besides, he rather wants and needs to be around regular people, stay close to humanity so that he does not just drift away from them.

He quite enjoys the perks, as well. All the fruit drinks offered at Byzance, for one. For another, my PC loves hot cocoa, especially the rich sort served at Byzance. Yes, childish perhaps, but he is fine with not outgrowing such a trait.

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What’s your favourite Auspice and Tribes ?

Mine’s are Ragabash and Ghost Council

You can get permission to leave the pack without deaths either.

That was pretty easy to get. Ignore their dimentia happening and care that they may cause other issues.

Thats how I left them still alive last I checked.

I don’t think you can join ANY clan in the demo? I don’t think it goes far enough.

You can join the tribes if your alignment matches the patron spirits of the tribes you want to join

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