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Here it’s being used as eye-grabbing shorthand for “anthropomorphic animals,” I don’t think I saw the author ever use the term himself


I get to be a Russian bear?! Instant buy!


Did any one else read the book series before they saw this?

Probably isn’t mandatory though and it’s been years since I’ve seen them.

edit: Do a search for the name of the writer and you should see their website with a list.

Yeah, it’s never used in the actual game (as far as I know), I just thought its use as a title here was rather funny. I’ve never heard of it used in a different context! :joy:

I Felt that it was way too much rushed aswell.

So…I notice that a lot of issues I was worried about (‘pinks,’ etc.) have been raised in this thread.

Still. I started a thread based on my impressions of the demo, if you’d like to have a looksie.


Just offering a late input. I quite enjoyed this story, the two ROs I pursued (Alpha the she-wolf and Kris the reporter) were likeable in my opinion and their “romance” (if you catch my drift) scenes felt rather fulfilling. But I have to agree that the game felt too rushed in its pacing and that the endings also weren’t very satisfactory, showing little regard for whatever you did during the story and adding a few extra lines here and there. I would’ve liked to see the endings a bit more developed.

That said, I did very much enjoy this game. Also it allowed me to play as what my name means (She-wolf), so that’s always a plus in my book.


So much drama over the word “pink”. It’s just a word.:unamused:
I enjoyed the game, the setting was good and the characters were likeable enough. The story was rushed though. I give it a 6 out of 10.

This is a text game, mate. Words are important. :slight_smile:



Bug? I took the ‘help the police’ and ‘relationship with Kris’ options, and then saved Kris from Lucy and the Running Dogs kidnapping myself, taking her to safety. Unfortunately, the epilogue said Kris had been killed by Lucy so I didnt get to enjoy my lawful happy ever after :slight_smile: Otherwise great game


I think a huge opportunity was missed to make the MC getting involved make sense, that one being how it was clearly stated most “Moreys” are the result of military genetic experiments. Simply put, it could have easily made the gangers ex-military or rejects from military programs. There could have been the choice to have the MC pick their own background, like ex-military, lab rescue, or second generation. Having beaten the game I have no clue about where my character came from or what skills he has. Any species can learn persuasion and just win the game that way. I made a talkative tiger who just waltzed his way through the game winning at everything.
It felt a little bit like a crapsack wish fulfillment scenario. I liked the writing, the setting, and the characters. I feel the railroad, story, length, and lack of info on the MC as keeping me from enjoying it.


What’s wrong with wish fulfillment? looks anxiously at his own WIP


I hope this is the right place to post some spoilery thoughts re: non-binary and asexual MCs:

First, if I’m playing a non-binary character, I’d appreciate not to be referred to as “Ratboy” or the like in-game. Also, it would be great to offer some gender-neutral name options for a non-binary MC or the possibility to choose between female, male, and gender-neutral names. (I got a selection of only female name options in three separate non-binary playthroughs: feline, canine, rodent.)

Secondly, the advertising to play as an asexual MC throws me of for different reasons:

  • The romance achievements are decidedly sexual in nature: Enter a sexual relationship with… Hey, I don’t begrudge anyone their sexy achievements (and I almost got them all!), but please throw us a bone and include at least one achievement that honors non-sexual relationships. It doesn’t have to be character- or asexuality-specific, but it would appear infinitely more inclusive than “No achievement for you 'cause you don’t do the do!” (Specifically, I completed David’s non-sexual boyfriend path twice and his romance achievement remains locked.)

The following points are highly subjective. Ymmv.

  • The Kris romance seems to be characterized by an immediate, mutual sexual attraction. Nothing wrong with that. However, it feels a little weird for an ace character to suddenly have to think about hooking up just to initiate the romance at all. In fact, I’m not even sure if it’s possible to stay in Kris’s room without having sex with them. Why? I would be helpful to be able to negotiate this relationship a little bit more: “Is the interest primarily sexual or not? Am I okay with that?” I had hopes that the wording would make a difference with Kris (“never thought about hooking up” vs. “never felt a romantic attachment”), but unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case. Or I just haven’t found the right way to pursue them yet.

  • Lucy coming onto an asexual MC and the player having only one option to express disinterest (“I’m uncomfortable”) but two that (probably) amount to “Yes, take me!” (“Never felt particularly sexual, but…” vs. “I’m interested to see where this goes”) just feels counter-intuitive and forced.


Every non male mor gets mistaken for a boy at some point in that universe. The rest does sound like a problem though.

It was too easy to keep everyone happy, in my opinion. I could be a ‘narc’, an informant, and a gangbanger at the same time?

Nuh uh. The modern gamer in me expects a confrontation between all the factions that makes the MC freak out and HAVE to choose someone, alienating the other factions as a result.

Also… yeah. What the others said. The game felt rushed, and I would have liked to spend a little more time in this pretty interesting world, y’know? 150k words… didn’t feel like 150k words, guys.


I thoroughly enjoyed this CoG.

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In my first playthrough I romanced Kris without having sex with her.

I enjoyed this game very much. Found the world and the characters interesting I was just disappointed that it didn’t last longer. Like many others said it was rushed and the epilogue was hardly fullfilling. On the play store I gave this game four stars.

Also looking at this thread it seems to me that some people are just purposely looking for things to be offended by them.

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Well, I’ve already played through this game about three or four times, so I think I can throw in my two cents at this point.

All-in-all, my opinion of this game is positive. With all the species you can choose from, and all the methods of going about things, there’s definitely tons of replay value to be had here. Which is good, because the game is unfortunately short. While I did enjoy it, I’m somewhat disappointed that I didn’t have the time to get more invested into the setting or the story.

Of course, thinking about it from a programming point of view, with all of the variables this game must have had, asking for a longer story is probably a little unreasonable. So, this book gets a pass. :wink:

Like I said, all-in-all positive. I did read through it three or four times, and I’m already planning more runs, so there’s definitely value to be had here. I recommend anybody that’s curious should pick this up.

How do you take over the cult??

This game has a serious issue with understanding that “no” means “no.” Even though I set my character to being interested in women, it still kept pushing me to get it on with David Turay. Even after my character flat out told him they “didn’t like him that way,” it still kept pushing them to get it on with him. Even after they had sex with another character, still the dialogue option pops up to ask him out. I think I had to refuse to initiate a romantic relationship with him about five times, including telling him to his face I wasn’t interested twice, before the game got the message that I wasn’t interested in him.