Weird bug with " and '

So I’m pretty new to choicescript and coding in general, and I’m having some trouble with creating string variables. Boolean and numerical ones are fine, but the problem arises whenever I use quotation/speech marks ("" or ‘’).

I don’t know what text editor is the best to use for a Macbook Air, but I’m currently doing all my writing in OpenOffice. However, every time I try to test the game (in Firefox), I get this error:

startup line 7: Invalid expression, couldn’t extract another token: “name”

My code looks like this:
*title My First ChoiceScript Game
*author Anonymous

*create name “Hero”

I tried to run startup.txt through Firefox (just while playing around with coding etc.) and found that my speech marks were substituted like this:


Has anyone else had this problem? And does anyone know how to fix it? Cheers :slight_smile:

check what your txt is encoded as, it should be unicode ut-8 or something


Most “word processors” use special non-standard characters for quotes and the like. You’ll be better off with a general text editor (such as atom, vs code or sublime) or one of the CS community tools (CSIDE or Chronicler).

Check out: Master List: Links for Beginners


I’d recommend using text editor rather word processor.

OpenOffice (and MsOffice for Windows counterpart) are word processors, while I believe Macbook has Notebook as their text editor (Notepad is Windows counterpart).

Other than that, check out the link shown by @CJW.

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As everyone has said, I’d recommend switching to a text editor, but if you want to keep using OpenOffice, it’s easy enough to do periodic find-and-replace-alls (“ and ” to ", ‘ to ')

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Pretty much what everyone else said. A little tip though is that you only have to worry about using " " as opposed to “” when doing stats or other commands. They work themselves out when it isn’t applied to that.

Just find where " is and use it until you form the habit.

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Okay all good I’m sorted now. Thanks everyone!!

In a number of programs you can set it so “”, …, ’ etc won’t be replaced by the fancy versions