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I just started the first way walkers university with the new dlc. Never played before. I have had my first couple of classes and teamed up with Sem for the project. We just finished getting chased down some back alleys in the streets and I’ve been asked what I think of him. One of the options is “I want to know what love is, and I want Sem to show me.”. But this option is greyed out and I can’t choose it.

I was wondering if anyone know why this was? I seem to be getting on with him quite well and can choose the option to be best friends with him. I have heard that you can’t romance anyone till way walkers university 2. But then if this is the case then why give me this greyed out option in the first one? It just makes me really confused thinking I have done something wrong to not be able to choose it. Id rather not start over again just to try changing one or 2 choices each time to see if it makes a difference unless I knew that it worked.

Is it because of any of my skill levels being too low? Or is it because I’m a guy? Usually romance options in these sorts of games tend to go for whatever gender you choose unless they specifically say otherwise. Or is it because I’m from the wrong race/origin? I chose Nor’wah.

I’d really love an answer ASAP please because I’m enjoying the story so far but don’t want to continue until I know for sure!

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In order for that to activate you have to skip class twice with him. i.e. you have to skip orientation and then leave during History.

The option was added long after the initial release during the same patch that let your character be nb/ explicitly trans iirc. Heck the option itself is newer than the sequel so it doesn’t impact being able to romance Semryu in the sequel. All the ROs in the game are bi (With Kess being explicitly so crushing on Jun’s friend and admitting it when you go to the ball with her)


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