Wars of Eren

I like the demo so far and it’s such an interesting premise. I am looking forward for the future chapters.
I have a question though… Is there a particular reason many characters have purple eyes? cool aesthetics? magic? I hope the answer doesn’t spoil anything!

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I do love my low fantasy stories it is great to see so many Hosted games focus on the setting,content is blooming which is awesome.

Wasn’t a fan of the overall introduction,with the dream and all that stuff,the family’s first scenes were not explanatory and it gave me a sense of a lost opportunity,as the game seems to be about the political intricacies of Eren(isn’t it a peninsula being surrounded by water on all sides except one?) painting such an abstract first picture fails to capture readers right at the very start.

Yes there are supernatural elements on the plot and a certain sense of mystery I get it but we got all of that without actual easy to get lore and content,so balancing these aspects would help for anyone who checks the content to understand it.

The gods roaming the character’s mind were not the best addition to the narrative,felt it as an awkward continuation and I understand somewhat the importance of their presence for the future of the plot but their appearances on the dialogue didn’t shine being a confusing or straight up alien most of the time.

Also a general question,What are your main objectives for the narrative?

For example do you intend any of this?
A unification of Eren(Empire Building),The chance of forming our family(having our own husband/wife/wives plus children),carving alliances,Castle intrigue and international politics,Kingdom development/management,discovering dark goldly lore…


Yes, the gods aren’t from the same planet, they have purple eyes, and their Descends inherited the same color with some of their powers but the powers faded with each generation.

Only the nobles have purple eyes.

With every day, my learning of the language and the writing becomes better. I plan to fix this with a new demo, the game will focus more on Politics.

The gods being able to talk to you is really important, but will not be the focus of the story, and you won’t hear from them a lot.

Yes, I’m such an idiot. :sweat_smile:

Yes. I know the first draft of the demo is bad and not perfect, but I still uploaded it to encourage, work and improve upon myself.

I already put a lot of money into courses. and I’m spending most of my free time reading books. I will try my best to deliver the story the right way.