VTM: Parliament of Knives Livestream

We are live in the chat! Come join us if you can as Huddy livestreams the POK demo! @greekwinter is in the chat as well!


Thanks everyone who came! We peaked out at more than 350 watchers, which is awesome. And thanks to Huddy and World of Darkness for the support! And thanks to @greekwinter for coming and chatting as well!


One of the problems with working midnight shift is you tend to miss everything cool that happens during the day. I’ll just buy the game when it comes out.


I hear you 100% I attended the livestream after working a 12 hour nightshift and was exhausted. To be fair, my regular job is pretty easy work, but still, I know what it’s like to work nights on the weekend. It sucks. Hope you enjoy the game when it comes out :yum:

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I really enjoyed the demo. These types of political maneuvering really fit the setting to a tee. Plus, as a longtime fan of Clan Ventrue, I loved being able to order my servant to check companies for signs of Kindred influence. It’s a small detail but it really made me feel I was playing as one of the Clan of Kings.

Also, Mithras has ever been my favorite canon character so it was fun to see him being mentioned. GreekWinter clearly did a lot of research.


I’ve enjoyed night road and out for blood so I’m sure I’ll like the new game as well.