Villain: The Catalyst [Minor Update and Poll - 09/08/18 - ]



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I agree that her personality is amazing. I think for now in the sense that this is basically the beginning of being imprisoned and introduced to societys way of juvenile villain rehabilitation or imprisonment it coukd be seen as the MC isnt taking much note of her aside from chance conversations and also the problems amongst the group may mask her presence to the MC so her being treated as a background character in your opinion could be on purpose?


I love new chapter you made it was great read


Hey, does anyone else have a problem with the character sheets not appearing?


I’m having the problem too but Reese still appears


Still trying to figure out the problem there. I think it’s because the sheets are too big so I’m going to re-size them but I don’t exactly know.


I’m not big on them why should I care about my future victims ;p


Toxic first of love the game btw but when are we going to be able to Learn some of the new powers like umbra whatchamucallit cause I was incredibly hyped for it and idk if it’s a glitch but I could never teleport thr girl out from under the dresser


Does anyone else Imagine their character as a version of Jackie Estacado from The Darkness?


I imagine more like when they start getting darkness to summon them they turn into a sterotypical shadow demon having the bend knees glowing dark eyes


I’ll have to check to be 100% sure but it’s a power you unlock that allows you to teleport so it’s not a glitch. And learning a heck of a lot more new powers and skills is coming soon.


I redid it having unlocked the power and it was still grayed out I figured it was just not done and that option has a dramasically different outcome


In universe, how does gaining new powers work?

Is it like a mutation that happens from frequent use, or a muscle that becomes stronger? Or is it like MHA, where nobody really gains new powers, but rather learn how to use what they already have in new and clever ways?


I’m not her but the best guess I can make is both as all powers have a common theme they revolve around shadows or darkness and it’s just your character learning new ways to manuplatie them while growing stronger from doing it


Ahh I see what you mean, no it’s done. For it to be unlocked you have to have been helping the Outcasts with their investigation.

@Interestedparty a mix of what @Blank said as well as the “you’re not really gaining new powers” part. In a way, you can already do all of the things but you lack the knowledge to actually perform the moves.


So is the path to be drug out of the cafeteria gone?


I know your probably really busy writing but would you mind me maybe posting alot of suggestions soon I’ve been compiling a list of possible skill checks and other seemingly random suggestions


Slight coding slip up


It shouldn’t be, but that’s probably the chapter that I haven’t revised yet.

@Blank sure, message them to me though


Well on my most recent playthrough I never got to the cafeteria and never had a chance to defy the boss.


Loved it! Just did a play through and I really enjoyed the writing and I fell in love with the characters and how in depth they are.