Victoriana (Working Title) (WIP) (Updated 6/20/17)

Hi everyone! I’ve spent a lot of time lurking these forums (and testing nearly every single WIP I could find), and finally decided to work on my first project! :grin:

The story takes place in a pseudo-Napoleonic Europe (similar-looking landmasses and nations), but with technology such as airships and steam-powered vehicles. You play as an officer in the newest regiment of the Royal Etrean Army- The Airborne Hussars, and serve aboard HMAS Victoriana.

The Airborne Hussars were created to staff light airships, and are tasked mainly to perform reconnaissance and protect airborne shipping in times of war.

Stat list
Combat-focused statistics:

Story-based statistics:

  • (opposed pair) Chivalry and Bloodthirst
    -(opposed pair) Positivism and Skepticism

Unit statistics

Like before, feel free to recommend new stats and/or recommend different names for the statistics if they don’t feel right :slight_smile:
Customization options:
-You can add your own name
-(WIP) Determining your childhood background

Currently, you can only play as a male, but since it is technically my own world, I’ve been tinkering with the idea to allow for the player to play as a female as well.

The stat list also has an overview of the Kingdom of Etrea, as well as some basic maps I’ve been working on. You all will see it soon!


Looks like a really cool idea for a project! Can’t wait for a demo link!

I have a couple early concerns about the project- only minor things:
-Are there going to be romance options? At least let my character have a wife and kids at home to worry about :joy:
-If the game will take place during something similar to the Napoleanic wars, can we pick which side to join, and possibly rewrite the ending of the war?
-Can we rise through the ranks from line infantry to fleet admiral, based on crown or emperor loyalty?

Looking forward to an official demo! :slight_smile:

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There will definitely be romance options. I plan to include at least two straight romance options and two gay romance options, and give the possibility to do one of each.
The story will start you off as a young officer, so the chances of wife and kids are minimal, although you will have parents to worry about. That worry might differ on the character depending on the background you choose, though.

For the second question, that’s something I’ll need to work out for the rest of the plot. I’m not too sure about what I want to do for that quite yet :grimacing:

The opportunity to the rise through the ranks is a given.

In fact, I’ll let it slip. One of my inspirations while writing this would be the Infinity series by Cataphrak. And although it seems like I’m using some ideas from the recent “The Eagle’s Heir”, I came up with the idea before anything was released about it (as far as I know)

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Sounds just like my cup of tea. please continue the good work

Welcome to the WiP community -

I’m glad you are considering allowing us to play as a female. In the link here: Master-List Links For Beginners by FairyGodFeather there is a tutorial to help code gender choices.

It would increase my enjoyment and interest of your project if you do allow this.


Okay wow that sounds great. I think I have an idea for a plot. If you’re interested, PM me. I could help you beta test it too, if you want. I’ve been looking for a game with a lot of replayability and a riveting plot and can give some pointers for a storyline if you’re interested.

You people and your WIPs about war keeping me hyped…

Royal Etrean Army? Is the government of the country in question a monarchy, with nobles and such? If so, can we rise in political power and money as well as ranks depending of our deeds during the war?

Airborne Hussars, can’t keep the image of people galloping atop airships off my head, for some reason…
Can’t we choose our own regiment or at least have an option to alter how ours work later in the story? This last one may sound stupid, but i’m not sure i like the regiment you’re presenting. I’ll give it the benefit of doubt until you release a demo, though

Please, tell me i have a claim to the Imperial Throne that i can use in a Coup d’État, surprising everyone in some big event with the whole army backing m–Sorry, that was my power-hungry double, he steals my keyboard sometimes, without me noticing. :innocent:

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The government of Etrea is a monarchy. I’ll be releasing more information about the “home country” and others while I write the first chapter.
I do hope to have nobility play a great deal, whether or not the character starts out as a noble will only provide a short term benefit.

I chose Hussars to start out with as I don’t believe that the regiment would be heavily equipped, and since their focus is on using light airships, I thought it was a good fit.

A more apt choice might be dragoons( since they originated as mounted infantry), or even just creating an “Airmen” regiment, but armies converted regiments all the time. Furthermore, dragoons are “medium cavalry” while hussars are more or less considered "light cavalry."
On your other point, if the MC manages to get into a high enough position, you will absolutely be able to alter the way the regiment works.

The childhood background will laser focus on
a) The parents, their professions, and how they treat you
b) Siblings, if any
c) Childhood traits/friends (which will also be influenced by what you choose for your parents)


Since you said we could suggest stats, I was thinking something like “engineering” to be able to repair your ship, make modifications, etc.

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Great idea! I’ve gone ahead and added a list of all the statistics I have so far in the first post.

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Seems like a cool game! It’s awesome that you’re also making maps~

It’s nice that you’re thinking about a female option, you’ll make a lot of people happy with that and it will also get you more people who’ll be interested in your game~

But I have three questions: can you also decrease in rank?

'Cause I am very bad at playing any role that involves leadership and unit statistics that I have to raise :grimacing:

Second question: how difficult will you make it, and if you fail will it be very punishing? Like needing a certain amount of leadership % but not having it.

Can you also just befriend characters, and not that you necessarily need to romance them? Or like no relationship at all?

I’ll start with the last question.

Yes, you will be able to befriend characters. Once I have all the characters plotted out, it’ll show in the stat screen what your relationship with them is.
Certain actions will please some and displease others, which will affect the relationship.

Decreasing in rank is something I’ve considered and shouldn’t be super hard to code, but I’d need to get the plot figured out first.

The difficult of any given thing will mostly depend on what stats you manage to get but it’s won’t be a game-ender if you mess up depending on the situation.

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I think it should have two gender male or female just for the girls

Here’s to hoping that you add the female choice as well but this still sounds interesting enough with or without the option. Interested to play the demo when you get it up and ready!


Pretty please do! :grin:


Here’s a basic map that I made of Etrea :grin:

As you can see, it’s inspired by the British Isles.

Etrea would be England, Esterloch is Scotland, and Belmere is Ireland.

The Duchy of Kirkland is a combined version of Orkney and Shetland, and the Stark Isle is a more condensed version of the channel islands. The reason why it’s called “Stark” will be revealed in the first demo.

Almost forgot! Glyndon is a weirdly shaped Wales.


Are the people of each of these countries the same as their real life translations? Like, is everyone from Esterloch Mel Gibson?

No, I wouldn’t say so. The landmasses and some the other factors are the only similarities to the real world. This one will have different people, slightly different social structures, and different dating structures.

Damn I was hoping to paint my face blue and free myself from the Etreans… but that’ll have to do :stuck_out_tongue:

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