Victoriana: Steampunk CYOA Mobile Game

I am here to announce my CYOA mobile app; Victoriana.
It is set in the 19th century, and I have given it a steampunk vibe with several kooky gadgets to use in the Victorian world.

I didn’t make it using ChoiceScript.
In fact, I did it all using Notepad by creating HTML, CSS and Javascript files.*
If anyone has any enquiries about exactly how I went about it, feel free to ask.

It is free to play, available on both the Google Playstore and Appstore for iOS users.
The links to both versions are just here, and I hope you enjoy my game.

Yours cordially,




*I was considering learning CS, but instead decided to write my app using web-development languages because they are more applicable to other things.

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Not sure if you are allowed to advertise your own products here… if you didn’t sell through CoG then you’re basically competition. I’ll take a look however since every time someone mentions victorian steampunk I’m reminded of Arcanum.

Also, can we chooser our gender? Can we find romance? Total amount of words?


I think this person is ok. There is a section on the forum devoted to off topics that says: “Post here if it doesn’t have anything to do with Choice of Games or ChoiceScript” or something like that.

Hello IvoryOwl, thanks for the heads-up.
I thought this was the right section for non-CoG games, but will be careful.

Your gender can indeed be chosen, as well as whether you are a Mr., Master., Mrs. or Ms.

The story hasn’t really been written with romance in mind, I would describe it as an adventure game with a science-fiction twist.

My word-count comes in at just over 50,000. I get the impression that is somewhat short for a CYOA, especially compared to epics like Creatures Such As We.

I think I’ve written a fun story nonetheless, and long enough for players to immerse themselves.

Thanks for your questions,

Cyril S.

Don’t worry. From what I’ve seen on the forum, they’re pretty okay with these. You’re good. It’s what “other interactive fiction” section is for, anyway. Discussing other IFs.

And, btw, you don’t have to sign off, either.


Will the application continue to update and introduce new items?
i mean something like that