"VERSUS: The Deathscapes"—The epic conclusion to the VERSUS trilogy!

Don’t recommend, social media is cancer.


Just try to get him to the forum, might be healthier.

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Is not a COG author who doesn’t show up in the forum a little weird?


It’s his decision.
On the other hand more and more people say it would be beneficial for him to come here.
so /shrug

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@Rinnegato Not really. CoG authors (as opposed to HG authors) being on the forum, and especially getting forum feedback before beta testing, is a relatively recent thing. There’s a thread about it from a couple years ago


Skipping this one. Thanks for the honest review

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Is it possible to collect a save file from two games and stuff into one

From what i read on this forum, no.

But its possible to have a game create a password (not via the password function but through plain coding) that can carry over important info.