Versus Elite Trials (Spoilers)


I got 50/50 in contemplative and outspoken when I start the game

Which means that the Alias game (within Versus Elite Trials) will be unwinnable, I always get to second place and win the game thanx to the second assassin (I am the other assassin) but dangit after about 10 tries I am getting sick of not progressing

Is there any option I can pick to boost either my contemplative or outspoken stat?


In the first trial, trying to put Baron Airon in his place boosts Outspoken.

After the first trial, saying “I’d like a moment alone” to Lady Venuma boosts Outspoken.

Again after the first trial, saying “I can escort myself, thank you” boosts Outspoken.

Allowing Prince Everly to scan you when you first meet him boosts Outspoken.

I think that should be enough to win Alias.

(If you still need more I think I could name a few more things. Just let me know. :slight_smile:)


Yeah, If you would could you give me more? Or possible tell me which choices is counterproductive (so I can avoid)


Sorry for the late response!

The only other ones I can think of off of the top of my head are based off of certain prerequisites needing to be met, so I won’t mention them…

Instead I’ll say this, because it might be easier; whenever there’s an option to not openly, verbally say something, pick it, because those are the kind of choices that boost Contemplation.

I don’t know if that will be enough to help. I’m sorry if it’s not.


Anyone know how to make this link work?
and perhaps

I got up to 79 outspoken but then I did something that got me back to 52 outspoken…