Echelon Achievements in Versus: Elite Trials

Did anyone get all the echelon achievements? I have 1, 3, 4 ,5 but not 2. What exactly is the criteria for these achievements?

I got 3 - 7 and 9. I’m going to provide two types of hints just in case.

Echelon 3: This happens when you answer MamaNa’s question about the Versus politics.

Find the choice that is about equality/equity for all.

Echelon 4: This happens after you choose your Haus and Order.

I got this from choosing to be in the Haus of Creation, Order of Works.

Echelon 5: This happens after choosing the economic system for your planet.

Choose the first (the one with classes).

Echelon 6: This happens at the end of the trip in Oli’s brainplane during Alias.

Make Oli your Romantic Option

Echelon 7: This happens after you answer Prince Everly’s question about divinity.

Choose the fourth choice.

Echelon 9: This happens after you pass the SoulTest.

This is related to Echelon 3. Choose the sixth choice in the SoulTest.


I’d like to raise this from the dead. I recently got a new phone and revisited some old faves including the Versus games. Especially since I lost my Achievements in the switch I am now newly bedeviled by the Echelon ones. I have 3 through 9 but l am pretty sure I’ve never heard of anyone getting 2.

Also the method given elsewhere for getting 1 is not working for me (though I do think I had it on the old phone.

According to the only other helpful bit turning up on Google Echelon 1 is triggered by picking the ‘Baron Airon is harmless’ option after meeting Lockdown for the first time. This has not worker for me so I wonder if the answer is only part of the equation. Maybe there is a skill check involved?

Echelon 2 seems to be an utter mystery though.

And what about Echelon 10?

I got Echelon 2!!!

I’m not sure what caused it, but it was during the scene where you talk with MamaNa in the underwater tunnels.

When you get the choice to say how you feel about Prisca’s purity laws, I picked the fourth option. This gave me both Reflection Hidden and Eschelon 2 achievements.

Echelon Protocol_2: Query: Can you still see me?


Huh. Funny. I just tried that and no luck. So it’s not just based on picking that answer alone and probably involves a stat check? Or maybe it needs another flag.

I also got Echelon 1 on the same playthrough. I picked “I can’t stand Baron Airon, and I let him know that” or something similar.