Velos (WIP) - Demo Update on 4/30/22

Hello, everyone. I have not been active recently :persevere: due to university. But I’m back now and I have a new update.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to voice out your opinions about the demo. Any suggestions and reactions will be graciously accepted. Corrections about grammar, miscoded pronouns and coding errors are welcome too.

Please note that I am not a native English speaker and I am not a professional coder :sweat_smile:

The demo includes the prologue, first chapter and the second chapter.

There are currently 105,000 words (excl command lines).

Title: Velos

You are a bright-eyed youth trying to pave your way in Velos. Having been accepted in the kingdom’s greatest academy, you left your ager and started to anticipate a new life.

Yet Diés have different plans.

Rebellion, terrors, and overwhelming responsibilities come your way as you began to realize a power concealed deep within your being. Turns out the academy did not accept you for what you could offer, but for what you are.

Be ushered to an elite group of Draello’s best. Form companionships and maintain your marks. Unravel the conundrum behind the mist of secrecy that engulfs the kingdom of Velos.

Besides, entrusting the fate of Velos to mere students. What could possibly go wrong?

What's it about?

The story takes place in a high fantasy world. Specifically, the kingdom of Velos. The MC is a young person ready to set out into the capital, Milton, to pursue their dream of entering the most renowned academy, Draellos.

The first few days were alright. They were serene. However, a sudden terror act immeditely turned the kingdom upside down. A death threat to the king. Terror bombings. Massacres.

The sudden treasonous deeds definitely blindsided the king and he must do something to protect his kingdom and his throne.

With most of the kingdom soldiers decimated, the king has no choice but to utilize Draello in his plans. A decree to form an elite group of students was ordered out of the blue and the MC was unexpectedly selected despite their obviously lacking skills.

However, it was not an incidental choice. The MC was accepted into Draello and was selected to be in the elite group not because of what they could offer, but because of what they are.

A spawn of Diès.

  • Play as a female, male, or nonbinary MC; customize your gender and romance preferences.
  • Interact with different unique characters. Form friendships, relationships, rivalries or be a lone wolf.
  • Six romance options, for now. Two males, two females, one gender flippable (nb included), one gender flippable (m/f).
  • Select your classes. Maintain your marks or infuriate your professors.
  • Discover your abilities. Use it for your own gains or use it to help others.
  • Gain items by strange encounters, by stealing or simply by generous individuals.
  • Confront the mystery engulfing the academy and Velos in general.
  • More features will be added as the demo progresses.


You’ll encounter the terms Green, Yellow, Blue and Red in the game. These colors basically represent a student’s year in the academy.

Green - first year

Yellow - second year

Blue - third year

Red - fourth year


Here are the romance options that are introduced in the demo. There will be more :wink:

  • Joven/Jovenn/Jovenne Alastor - M/F/NB - Yellow
    A charming dormmate of yours who evidently do not take life seriously. Has a striking appearance and a way with words that easily charm every person that lays their eyes on him/her/them. Apparently forced you to go drinking at a tavern on the night before your first class.

  • Achaius Holte - M - Green
    The only son of the duke of Cal and is rumored to be the King’s favorite. Quite a stoic man, he places his utmost efforts on nothing but his studies. He offers no concern to irrelevant individuals such as you.

  • Calleo/Calleomé Levan - M/F - Red
    A delinquent that seems to dread any form of authority. Has a feud with Parzifal Drakos and the academy’s headmaster. A fiery individual who is filled with troubles that only captivates your attention more. Try not to be a moth to this tricky flame.

  • Parzifal Drakos - M - Red
    A model student full of responsibilities and worries. He is described by others as a caring and reliable leader who constantly concerns himself with every single trouble at the academy. Has a feud with C Levan.

  • Oselie Wrae - F - Blue
    A sardonic dormmate of yours who seems to mask her worries with rude remarks. But deep down, you know she is far from the unsympathetic façade she is trying to exhibit. Basically, a tsundere.

  • Eloin Gremil - F - Green
    A fellow student who appears to be timid and easily embarrassed. Her kind and down to earth character attracts the attentions of several people who find her adorable, although she tends to shy away from any spotlight.

Joven Alastor

Jovenne Alastor

Jovenn Alastor

Oselie Wrae

Achaius Holte

Parzifal Drakos

Calleo Levan

Calleomé Levan

Eloin Gremil

DEMO LINK - click here to play Velos demo

I made a dev vlog! → tumblr



  • First Demo Post
  • Prologue + 3/4 of Chapter 1
  • 37,000 words (excluding command lines)
  • 41,000 words (including command lines)


  • Dorm activities now available.
  • Location 1 now available.
  • Fourth class now available.
  • A new romantic option introduced.
  • Updated word count: 56,000 (incl command lines)
  • Updated word count: 50,000 (excl command lines)


  • Optional classes are now available.
  • Fifty percent of chapter two now posted.
  • Updated word count: 91,959 (incl command lines)
  • Updated word count: 83,896 (excl command lines)


  • Training scenes added in Chapter 2. Naverisse’s route now complete.
  • Location added in the Explore option of Chapter 1.
  • Bomb scene added in the Dorm option of Chapter 1.
  • Lore added in the Dorm option of Chapter 1.
  • Updated word count: 115,000 (incl command lines)
  • Updated word count: 105,000 (excl command lines)

Seems interesting! The ROs definitely caught my attention, and the story was intriguing. I’m gonna flirt the hell outta my MC

Haven’t caught any spelling or any kind of errors yet, but I’ll be on the lookout for them :slight_smile: Edit:

this…seems to be very descriptive, lol.

I have a question- how old are the first years? lol this just popped into my mind


Lmao. Yes. Now that I’m reading that sentence again, I think I might delete that part.

I actually do not have any specific age in mind. I was thinking somewhere between 16-18 years old. Although I might provide a definite age as I progress with the story.


16-18? then how did the MC and J go to a tavern? shouldn’t there be a age restriction for that?

also about that descriptive line, maybe you could just write- (he/she) licked their lips? or something


J would have their ways😅.

Also, I’d definitely consider your suggestion. Thanks.


Well, it’s not that severely regulated in every country. Like where I am it’s perfectly normal to start drinking when you’re 14 - 15 years old. Beer, wine and those things, not whiskey or vodka (that’s more for when you’re 17). And it’s very different from buying it in a store, you need to show that you’re above 18. Besides, when I think about a tavern, it’s more like a place to eat and drink. You can’t really deny someone to go inside can you? I’m going to read the story now, I complained enough :sweat_smile: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I liked this! I really did! I’ll be looking forward for an update!
I found the characters interesting and I like how flawed they all are in their own way, the scenes that are supposed to be tense really put you on edge and the ones that could potentially be boring (like the process of choosing the classes) in this game I found to be actually very relaxing! It’s the way it’s written, idk very soothing in a way, it’s hard to describe but very pleasant nonetheless!

I like your style of writing and I’m curious to see more! : D


To be honest, I actually did not think about that when writing the scene. But to be fair, Velos is set in a high fantasy world so underage drinking rules could be inconsistent from the real world. And even if it isn’t, J always have their ways.

Thank you. I’m glad you liked the demo.


I think there is a small error when choosing your hair and eye color. The hair would be the same color as the eye color

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lol where DO you live :sweat_smile: since I’ve lived in Canada ( up to now), we can’t drink till we’re at least 18

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Sounds good we’ll see

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In Europe at least, Germany allows teens from 14 upwards to drink beer, wine and cider (provided they are in the company of their legal guardian). At 16 they can drink it alone, and from 18 upwards they can imbibe spirits or liquors (vodka, gin, rum, whisky, etc).


Interesting idea, I’m waiting for digging into the lore about gods

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“you know she is far from the unsympathetic façade she is trying to exhibit. Basically, a tsundere.” this made me laugh more than it should have lol


Nice content. :slight_smile: The story looks interesting and the characters are also of diverse nature.!.I am definitely intrigued about that White haired student and her plans too.:thinking:.Waiting for next update…:heart:


Belgium… :shushing_face: Just, I don’t think there’s any law that forbids it, but “every” teenager does it or did it. It’s been a while since I was a teenager.

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The first time I ever drank alcohol is hmm,… oh 5 or 6 at a party with permission from my family so I was surprised because how many countries in the world only allows teenagers to drink at 18 or older


I really love the wip (:heart:ω:heart: ) ~♪ can’t wait for the next update!


This demo is amazing. I can’t wait to see its future progress

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Gender pronouns

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