Veil: Prophecy (WIP) (Minor Update 7th June)

Hello! I thought I’d give my review!
Firstly, I’m really glad you did one route for each scene moving forward because it was really fun to get details on the story (and how it might go!) Its also really interesting to be interacting with a “chosen one,” which is one right way to spin a trope onto its head! Personally I can’t wait to talk with the characters more and get a gist of their personalities and learn more about this Saleos I keep hearing about!
Ultimately I really like the premise. Shall our non-detective detective crew find the answer to the death of a possibly innocent man? Will Yeung accept Doran into the crew? (I fought really hard for this. I can’t imagine Yeung is gonna be happy that I went investigating with Doran.)

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Well, this is still alive.
2021 has been quite a year. I finished my degree, got a job that wasn’t a night shift, broke my computer and lost many, many words. So, I present: This update.

This update fixes the bugs and pronoun issues of the previous version. Hopefully.
It also contains approximately 15k extra playable words, although not much has been added plot wise, depending on your path all the ROs are meetable.


Oh awesome, I’m glad this is still alive and i both look forward to as well as wish you the best with it.


Glad to see this story is still alive and congrats on the degree and job


Lol okay I forgot what was there and wasn’t there before the update, so I’m just posting everything :sweat_smile:


The first option isn’t being disabled after viewing it one time.

There shouldn’t be a space between th and at

Capital c

Initially the second option wasn’t there, it came up when I selected the option below it. And they seem to be contradicting each other, like in the first image it’s saying they know Julian, but when I selected the highlighted option, the second image content was shown, and that suggested as if they aren’t much aware of him.

The last option isn’t being disabled after viewing once

There shouldn’t be a double quote at the end, and the pronoun should have a small h

There shouldn’t be a space

There’s a space instead of the letter t

Should be you

Hi! I just read through it and I found a couple of errors (there were some other typos but I forgot to take screenshots, I’ll probably go back later.