Vehrn (WIP) Sci-Fi Colonization/Space Exploration Updated 08/21

Any way to play this game without downloading?


:open_mouth: I just realized how similar my game is to this!
(Now I feel like a copycat ;-; sorry)


You know what they say? Because i sure don’t but I’m sure it is good and encouraging :smile:.


You’ve really inspired me! Thanks!


@moonwalkerdragon: Hey, thanks for the interest!

@Blu and I have been seriously struggling with Dropbox and trying to get it to work. She’s been having issues with posting it, as to set it to ‘public’- access for you guys without everyone seeing our private dropbox folders, apparently costs money we don’t have access to at the moment.

I don’t know whether everyone else is paying this fee, or whether it’s something that’s happening due to our location, but if we see a means to fix it, we’ll do so as soon as we can! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! :slight_smile:

@anon98911805: Aww, it’s probably not that similar! We’ve got a long-term plan for the game in place, so we won’t have the same outcome. Sci-fi genre can be pretty niche if you’re leaving Earth story wise anyways! No worries! :grin:


This thread might be enlightening (or terribly confusing). The bottom line is that you first have to compile your game with the compile.html which is in the choicescript folder, upload that compiled game to dropbox, share the link, replace the www in the link with dl and change dropbox to dropboxusercontent. As long as you overwrite the compiled game in the dropbox folder with one of the same name you won’t even have to change the link when you replace it with a newer version.


Hehe I admit that they aren’t exactly the same, but you gotta admit the supreme similarities…
2 SciFi Colonization/Space Exploration games start up within 2 days of each other…



we. must. tell. the. world.


@Cecilia_Rosewood: Thank you so much! Gonna bump this for @Blu to see if she can handle it. Thanks again, we’ll try get this fixed ASAP guys!

@anon98911805: Hahaha. Well, there’s the main difference- aliens. Aliens we probably will have, yes, but not sentient ones, just wildlife, which you’ll get when hunting and the like when you finally get to Vehrn. A lot of inspiration for this game is slice-of-life, but SoL in a different setting. However, there will be times where your character may be thrust into positions of command, like fighting scenarios, planning attacks, and handling supplies, while still managing in the small colony. Your game sounds really cool! Not too many sci-fi games on CoG, yeah? ^^

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Partially why I wanted to make one!
If you need any help with designing aliens, I have a hyper & abstract mind at your… disposal?


@anon98911805: Hm.

I’m seriously considering adding a group of semi-sentients in their tribal stages now.

I’ll definitely let you know if Blu and I need help! ^^

We’d appreciate any critiques on the current work as well. :slight_smile:


Hehe I often read too fast to even notice the intriquite wording. I’ll have to slow down a bit if I want to help critique ;3


I haven’t gotten the chance to properly try this game out and offer feedback, but I can tell you now that I appreciate the player character starting off handicapped. It’s an interesting take and I think you can tell a great story so long as the MC doesn’t miraculously regain function over their legs and suddenly the handicap becomes permanently irrelevant. I’ll try and leave proper feedback at a later time.


Thank you so much!

The MC can gain the ability to lose their being handicapped, but it won’t be magical- it’ll be tech based, and will take a lot of time and effort to fix, possibly to the detriment of other aspects of the story- relationships, stance in the team, respect, so forth.

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Looks pretty cool. The biggest issue I see so far is improper spacing. You ought to break up those paragraphs and separate lines of dialogue instead of smushing them together, it makes it a little hard to read.


Thank you for your input!

Blu and I have done some reviewing recently, looking for typos and inconsistencies, and we’ll try fix things up by this weekend!


I wouldn’t mind if my guy was still in a wheelchair by the end of the game, heh. I mean… so long as you let me shoot some guns even if I’m seated sometime during the game, I’ll be happy. Weaponry’s the skill I picked for my fella. :wink:

Anyways, I finally got a chance to sit down and do a proper, non-sleep-deprived run. Click on the comments to expand them.

[details=Be mindful of line breaks.]There’s some gaps that looks as though you’re doubling the break between paragraphs. It seems to be happening on each page with more than one paragraph. I’m putting a screenshot to point out what I mean.

That’s two breaks, not one.[/details]

[details=Try to avoid mashing multiple speakers into one line/paragraph.]It’s confusing and can get a little jarring. If you’re going to have the player character speak or have multiple characters bantering, start a new paragraph each time the speaker changes. It helps with the flow and identifying who’s talking. For example:

looks a lot better like:

It’s a lot more legible that way and doesn’t break the flow. Y’get what I mean? This happens a lot more frequently once we meet the crew.[/details]

[details=General comments about the game itself.]I think you might want to work a li’l on detailing the first scene out of cryo when Simon is asking why we need the chair. The first time I played through the game, I thought the purpose of the wheelchair was because I was being removed from cryostasis and wasn’t able to stand properly on my own for a while, not because my character was handicapped. When I got to the choices, I was so confused at some of the responses. If it happened to me, it might happen to others. I only realized the player character’s handicapped once we get to pick the background behind it.

Honorifics like Mr., Ms., Lt., Cpl., Dr., etc. are followed by a period always. Simon currently says: “It’s nice to meet you Mr Rogue.” The title’s missing the period.

Some of the pages are on the short side. I understand wanting to do so every now and then to put an emphasis on something, but right now I’m clicking ‘Next’ a lot more than I should be. 3 sentences for one page? Just combine them - keep me reading. Don’t break the flow by having me click next just to read another 3 sentences and repeat the process. I think that wraps up my comments on the technical side. It comes down to managing how the scenes flow. There’s too many page breaks and not enough spacing between the dialogues.[/details]

I wish there was more to learn about Rainer. :cry: I got paired up with him and I barely got to say a word to him. I know it’s a demo, but I’m still pouting at that, haha. I do hope he’s a romance option. I apparently have a thing for stoic/broody german men, and that’s translating into the guys I play! I think the game has potential and I wish you guys luck and fortune in getting it rolling!


Thanks so much for the review! So helpful!!
Anyhooo we’re hoping to apply the changes and release an update by Sunday (21 Aug)

Thanks again

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@Lithophene: Thank you so much! I’mma gonna pull finger and throw my work around just for you to start Rainer’s route and have it in the build by Sunday. …which also means finishing the start to Larisa’s path by then too.

:sob: Nooooooo more writing…

At the handicapped thing: YES, you don’t have to lose your being handicapped- in fact, for a ‘better’ ending, you’re more likely to remain handicapped, because by focusing on getting better, you’ll be doing that rather than increasing relationships and your stats.

Yeeees Rainer is an RO. The main ROs are: Samar, Hyung-Ae, Larisa and Rainer.

All can be romanced by any gender incline, but will differ per gender in some instances- for example, Samar has only ever had relationships with men. If you romance him as a male, he will be established as homosexual in your route. If you romance him as a non-binary player, or female, he will be considered ‘bisexual’ for most of the part.

EDIT: Oh crud. With the periods next to titles…where I grew up, I was taught specifically NOT to do that. There may be some grammar inconsistencies from the view point of Americans, I think, in some cases.


Okay, got some new things down:

First, finished the start of Larisa’s route/ Leadership, it’s a bit longer because of Liam, in comparison to the other two.

Started some of Rainer’s route. (Sho gwumpy)

And Blu did some checking for typos, bugs, and pretty-fying. (pretty-fication?)

Hope you guys enjoy!


Hey everyone!

Been slow, we know, apologies, both Blu and I have IRL issues, but we have some months of free time lining up, so I’m writing again, then may be able to bully Blu back into coding some more and general edits in the new week!

No new content up just yet, but some general questions:

Who is your favorite person so far?
Is this person because of ‘them’ or their current job path?
If you couldn’t hang out with this person, who would be your next choice?

Thanks a bunch guys, we’ll try to have an update by the end of the month!

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