Vasteria Saga Stories 1: Defense of the Port City

I’ve begun work on my new game Defense of the Port City. It is set 200 years before the timeline in my upcoming novel Vasteria Saga.

In this game you will play as a member of the local city Council in Port Brakish. The cities sovereignty is being tested and only you can help guide the city to maintaining its independence. Whether you choose the path of sword, sorcery, or pen does not matter - you can forge your own path for the Port forward.

I have drawn inspiration from some of the other games of the genre - Notably The Siege of Treboulain and the Great Tournament (which was my first, and favorite CoG). Currently it’s about one chapter and 10,000 words done, and I plan on updating every two weeks. My goal is for it to hit somewhere between 100,000 and 300,000 words. I have most of the story mapped out and plan to have many branching paths and endings.

I am entirely new to ChoiceScript, and coding all together, so currently my writing and story boarding is far ahead of my ability to use the script to make some of those things happen. For example, getting stats to show up as a bar instead of static text. However, I am working on that and learning as I go! Any suggestions on how to better implement ChoiceScript to better tell my story - or provide a better game play experience - would be greatly appreciated.

To play the demo, go here:


The premise sounds really interesting


A city management and political game? Interesting.

Good luck with the development.


“A lion. I like to work as a team and am able to defend my pride.”

Not to be picky or anything, but Lions don’t hunt in a team lol, they let lionesses do all the work XD You don’t have to change it ofc! It’s just something I found funny haha


It’s a very interesting game honestly, though I would suggest setting up a lore section in the stat screen so we can view it, the mayor is pretty interesting, yet naggy but I suppose that’s how all mayors should be haha, over all, the game is really well written, good luck with the development! <3


Hey after reading this i found a game in steam called vesteria saga.Is that also one of your games

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Yeah, they’ve said that it’s their upcoming novel lol

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Thank you so much for the initial support yall! I have a BIG (extra 10-20K words) update that I am expecting to push out later this week. In the new update you will spend your time before the council meeting in any way you choose (blackmail, persuasion, bettering yourself, ect) prior towards getting ready for the big vote that will determine which path your MC takes for the second act (pro Pastoria, pro Empire, pro neutral).

Also just want to confirm for some of the people who have asked that there will be RO’s in this. All of the council members will be romance options. In addition, there will be the Mayor and a few other RO’s. I think the estimated amount of options is 15. Romance writing is not my specialty, but I am happy to deliver what the people want haha. That said, it will not be a HUGE part of the story.


@Kathy I will do that as soon as I figured out how haha! Bug me about it if you don’t see it in a few updates.

@rafsan That is just a happy accident! That said, Vestaria Saga is a great game. Highly recommend if you are into T/SRPGs.

@Dreamer44 Thanks for the good vibes! Hoping the combo appeals to others as well!

@Staffed Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy it as things progress.


15 romance options? Wow.

Even if it’s not the main focus of the game, good luck handling that amount.


Can we get saves? No rush, but I find it difficult to get invested in a game if I have to replay it each time.

At the moment going for a neutral stance. I do like that each council member appears to have a different reason for their stance. Pride, loyalty, fear all make appearances

Not sure which of the council members I’d like as an RO. Think I might have to wait until the formal vote to get a better idea


oh, btw, if you don’t know how to add saves, just use

*sm_init (any name)| Number of slots you want (Not more then six) 

And also click on this

I didn’t know how I could save games until like a month :skull:


Hey everyone, huge update today! The game has over doubled in size - is now 20k words (excluding code)!

In this update we have:

*implementation of the much requested save feature @Kathy @Alley_Cat
*lots of word smithing and editing to the early game content
*an update to the stats page
*lots of new variables - we are at over 100 - that said this might just be because of sloppy code haha

The next update with focus on finishing up Act 1 with the vote - setting the stage for the major branching paths of Arc 2. While this Arc was very focused on politics and had lots of talking/exposition, Arc 2 will focus on on preparing the town to deal with the consequences of the vote at the end of Arc 1.

How will your decisions impact Port Brakish? Will you see the city stand alone? Ask the Empire for support? Or will you deal with the consequences of allowing Pastoria to be vassalized by Pastoria?

My goal is to have Arc 1 wrapped up in two weeks. Next week I will be attending the Pokemon VGC regional in Hartford (hit me up if you will be there!) so my free time will be spent on that.

Let me know what you would like to see in the upcoming updates, if you run into any bugs, and if you have any suggestions on edits for the story thus far.

If you would like to support the develoment of the VSS1 support my Ko-Fi -

Thanks again for all of your input thus far yall!


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