Various minor forum changes

@MeltingPenguins I specifically ignored any flag I was aware of as coming from, or predominantly being used by bigots, and wasn’t aware of this one being used as such (nor could I find it).

@HomingPidgeon :agender_flag: :agender_flag: :agender_flag: (I did these last two a much quicker way, if anyone wants to say whether they look better, worst, or indistinguishable from the other flags.)


Thank you! :smiley:

I don’t see any difference between these and the others. I mean, other than the expected, what with being different flags

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<3 sorry for being so paranoid.

Yeah :disappointed: It makes me especially sad when LGBT people are bigoted against other members of the LGBT community (like the last tweet I found)… they should really know how bad it is…

And yeah, the “smuggle” thing you mention does sound like something that could happen, so yeah :sweat_smile:

I can’t tell the difference either :slight_smile:


Any chance of looking into letting members and regulars quote from locked threads?
With Discourse limiting big threads and the advent of several big series over here, mostly XoR and the Infinity series for now, but I doubt it’s going to stay limited to just those in the future, not being able to qoute from the old threads is becoming more and more of an annoyance at times.


I just quoted from a closed thread @idonotlikeusernames.

@Havenstone does it all the time too, but you have that fancy “Leader” status that also allows you to close threads in the first place, which is presumably what allows you to quote from them too.
I can’t seem to quote from them on the other hand.

@Eiwynn Test, test,test
Wait, what It worked. I swear I wasn’t able to do this a couple of weeks ago. Okay problem solved for now it seems. If this was your doing @RETowers then thanks! :+1:


Apparently, I can’t change the category of a thread anymore, as a regular. Is it just me or does this change apply to all regulars, if I may ask? @RETowers

It looks like I still have the option to do it, but I’m afraid of messing with this to test it to see if it’ll actually go through. :sweat_smile:

I too have the option, here. However, when I tried to change the category, it gives me an error “You are not permitted to view the requested resource.”

Don’t know what that means.

Give it a try! Change this thread’s.

ok, I didn’t change this one, but I did change another one and it went through without issue.

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It’s working for me when I impersonate your account. Try again, or give me step by steps because I can’t see the problem.

I’ve tried and it’s working as normal, now.

I’m having the same problem @Szaal was having. I have screenshots if that helps!



Can you change it to anything other than #general? (I’m not heavily surprised by it, and if you can change to other things, I’m pretty sure I know what the problem is, and I can’t/won’t fix it because it’d break something else I like.)

I can! I changed it to “off topic” successfully

Yea, so #general topics are the ones most likely to get spammed by bots, or for people to post exceedingly off topic posts (i.e. things that don’t even belong in #off-topic), so new general topics have to be approved. Apparently that also locks threads out of being made #general threads with a very vague error message. :woman_shrugging:

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Just a small thing, but added :steam: :android: and :ios: (mostly so I can mark HGs with Steam on the announcement page).


Well done!

Nightmode is marvelous!

I’m seeing banners with “this is the first time X has ever posted before!” now, when I’ve never seen those before, as well.