Various minor forum changes

:lesbian_flag: :lesbian_flag: :lesbian_flag: New flag today. :lesbian_flag: :lesbian_flag: :lesbian_flag:
(And a couple more added to the queue.)

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So, is there a flag specifically for gay guys? :confused: Or do we just have to make do with the LGBTQ one? :rainbow_flag:

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I’d be happy to add it, but I’ve never seen one. :woman_shrugging:

I was wondering about that too :sweat_smile:

It does seem if you’re searching for gay flag, :rainbow_flag: is the one that comes up… and checking the historical background, it was created in the late '70s when things weren’t really as far along in the inclusivity department… so as time went on, I guess it ended up being sort of the gay pride flag and the general LGBT umbrella flag? :confused: I’m certainly seeing a bunch of sites where the rainbow flag is listed as “gay.” It doesn’t really seem fair to everybody else for the generic LGBT pride flag to be the same as the gay pride flag, though :confused: but I’m not seeing a gay guy alternative anywhere :disappointed_relieved:

I did turn up a “bear” flag and a “twink” flag but that covers an even narrower range :sweat_smile:

More amusingly, I found this big combo pride flag during my search :grin:
…which thread also contains people arguing whether :rainbow_flag: represents specifically gay men, or LGBT in general :sweat_smile:


What are the requirements for each trust level? (Also, thanks for the pride flags!)

I’ve just added a new thread indicating our forum specific trust level requirements. I’ll be updating texts and UI links on the forum to link back to these as soon as I have a moment.


:demigirl_flag: :demiguy_flag: :demigirl_flag: :demiguy_flag:
Two more flags
:demiguy_flag: :demigirl_flag: :demiguy_flag: :demigirl_flag:


I am unable to switch to the dark theme. It was working before, but now the dark theme won’t activate. I have attempted this on several browsers, and the result is the same.

Even the whiteness is too pure white.


I haven’t touched it in over a month, so I’m going to guess that this is a Discourse bug. I’ll look into it to see if I can fix it myself, otherwise I’ll probably just have to make a bug report on the Discourse forums.

Edit: Figured it out, the buttons I got for the hamburger menu broke. You should still be able change it on your profile. I’ll remove the hamburger menu buttons for now and look into it later. Tell me if changing on your profile seems to have a problem (I’m guessing you’ll probably have to switch it on and off).

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I was able to change the theme via the profile settings. Thank you for the quick response.

Bless you! been waiting for a darker theme forever now :smiley: I just like darker theme better…make it easier to read . And it’s more confy! Thank you very much!

Minor change: I’ve re-added the rule about asking for updates so it’e explicit again to the Keep It Tidy section, as it’s not readily apparent to some people that it’s a no-content reply.


Couple months later, but I’ve found one :smile: Mentioned on reddit and a deviantart post and I’ve found it used on another site, too.
Based on the :lesbian_flag: but with a blue/green theme instead.

It doesn’t appear to be very widespread so I’m not sure how “official” it would be, but I haven’t seen any alternative. (Other than really specific ones like the bear pride flag.)


:gay_flag: :gay_flag: :gay_flag:


Not to rain on any parade but I’ve seen this flag being ‘smuggled’ into the queer community by bigots as it is iirc something those alt-right twats use for their stuff?

I’m not sure whether including flags for every nb identity is feasible to do, but if you get the time or inclination I’d appreciate an agender flag

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Thanks :smile:

…Oh. Wait. Where did you see this? :confused: I’d reverse googled the image before, and didn’t find anything like that, and there certainly wasn’t any response of that nature in the reddit or deviantart I turned up :confused:

Are you sure it was the same flag?

I’m not sure why a blue&green themed variant of the :lesbian_flag: for gay men would be something the alt-right would’ve picked up anyway :confused: it’s very obviously similar.

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some threads on queer twitter, but, yeah, might be the wrong flag. Heck, i hope it’s the wrong flag. :confused:

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I reverse searched it on twitter… I found… one tweet suggesting that using the :lesbian_flag: and :gay_flag: would help make it so that the :rainbow_flag: is less focused on gay men only, which is pretty much how I was feeling about it… another tweet just mentioning proposed gay male flags in response to a question of whether there were any… and unfortunately, one gay guy using it to be a jerk to a lesbian :rage: which was inexcusable but I can’t really see how it could be blamed on the flag.

I’d be the first to abandon it if we can demonstrate that it is an alt right thing, but since I can’t find any source going further back that the pride flags deviantart, for now I think it’s reasonable to consider it safe until proven guilty :slight_smile::rainbow_flag::demiguy_flag::gay_flag: