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I might need to start telling people I was raised by wolves and books.


I feel like the big thing about Vampire’s Kiss is it’s billed as a sort of ‘sexy vampire romance’ game, but it’s heavy on vampires and very low on the sexy and romance. Had it come out under the normal CoG branding without the romance heavy advertising I think the initial reviews would have been better, because it is a good story and a good game. It’s just not a good :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: :hot_pepper: romance story.

Spoilery Feedback

Take Marky, for example. You meet her and she’s immediately receptive to your flirting despite barely knowing each other and showing no real romantic interest prior to that, and you get together without ever feeling like you get to know her any better. You get one kiss/dance scene, one sort of perfunctory short sex scene, and then the ending is just you deciding where you’ll travel together so the relationship doesn’t even get to go out with a bang, so to speak. And this is basically it for her romance path. Saffron’s path isn’t much better, either. Sure, there’s an additional sex scene and those scenes are more adventurous. But they’re still very short and it’s still not really a romance story.

This would be perfectly fine in a CoG vampire politics game where the romances are secondary, but it isn’t one of those. It’s published as a romance game under their romance specific branding, where you’d expect a game to put the romance/relationships front and center. And it just… isn’t that kind of game. The relationships and romances are barely there. It’s more like a regular CoG game with a couple sex scenes tossed into the mix in a rather GoT-esque way.


Having managed to unlock the ‘Zach Lock path’, I found a glitch. Zach died in the fight that took place at his home, but when Marky came to rescue my MC, (s)he stated that Zach had ran off and was okay!

The good news is I managed to knock down the Achievements-still-to-get to just a few, now.

Hello Dash. In the Beta testing forum, you wrote: “If Alex has abandoned you in Ch 8, you can no longer go with them to the Tower of London.”

I’ve not found how Alex can show up at the Tower of London. Did that scene make it to the released game? Please advise! Also, if there’s a scene with Alex actually being turned into a vampire, besides him/her giving a verbal acceptance!



Short answer: no. I couldn’t find a way to rationalise it given character development. Instead, if Alex sticks with you and pick Alex in C7, he/she/they uses their influence to warn the garrison and help them prepare against Saffron, meaning the soldiers are fighting on your side.

Thanks for your swift reply, Dash.

Yes - I had read the scenes involving the garrison, although my MC has never actually seen them (I suspect that they remain ‘off-camera’). And the answer to my other question, please? Despite getting the ‘Ice Cold Alex’ Achievement, there was only an abrupt end after Alex’s verbal acceptance. Is there no transformation scene at all for him/her anywhere in the story? It feels like a missed opportunity for an exciting ending. :open_mouth: :vampire:


The ending does conclude with Alex’s acceptance (although Alex, I should stress, can also refuse - that you’re getting the accept ending isn’t easy!). Sorry you feel that’s not exciting as an end; I was very conscious that I didn’t want to start a whole new scene after the ‘proper’ end.

The garrison do remain off-camera. This was to make sure the chapters remain roughly similar in length for each readthrough.

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Just finished playing this and I love it so much! Honestly, my expectations were low because Heart’s Choice games are either a hit or miss for me. I was so invested that I played it countless of times, trying different variations, and even romancing everyone. Marky is my most favorite while Kurt is second.

I’m a sucker for forbidden love trope that’s why I wasn’t a bit surprised that I fell for Kurt. :joy: I also love that there’s an enemies to lovers trope too! That scene when you go visit him before the final battle and all vampire hunters in the area all looked at you, ready to kill you is so hilarious and epic. I loled and was very amused. I love the epilogue of his route too! I love the idea of breakfast being interpreted in a lot of ways. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’m also happy that he didn’t disappear out of nowhere after the final battle. :pleading_face:

As for Marky, he’s the best part for me. I was expecting him to end up being my least favorite and joke’s on me because he ended up being my number one character here. He was a much needed comfort and support all throughout the story regardless of the route that’s why I got attached to him. Plus a lot of my playthroughs which involved going for the other ROs, he somehow always ends up falling for me and it broke my heart every single time when I had to choose another character during the scene before the final battle. Like when I read that Marky got disappointed, it killed me. :broken_heart:

He’s just so sweet and caring that I couldn’t help but fall for him. It was hilarious and cute that he doesn’t know how to deal with a rival love interest if you chose to flirt with him and Alex. :joy: I love that when you chose the Zach path and successfully defeat Boston, Marky showed up and said “Someone could fake how I look but they can’t fake how I feel about you.” And “I love you, idiot. I weren’t not gonna come back. Not when, after a hundred and fifty bleedin’ years, I’ve finally found somethin’ worth stickin’ around for.”

I also love that extra dialogue with Marky if Saskia’s still alive where you can tell him “I love you”, and he said “I promise, it’ll be okay. We’re going to get the happy ending we deserve.” No truer words have ever been spoken. :face_holding_back_tears:

His ending if London and by extension the world was plunged into darkness and chaos made me cry so much. :sob: It was so poetic, symbolic, and heartbreakingly beautiful in a way all at once.

My second favorite ending of his is the solo ending if you chose to be good and turn him mortal. I love that he was able to grow old and when he died, he was surrounded by his loving family and a lot of pets. :face_holding_back_tears: Definitely tugged on my heartstrings.

But the number one for me is of course if you romance him and become mortals together ! Oh, man. I have no words to properly convey what I think or feel regarding this. It’s just so beautiful, sweet, romantic, and overall perfect. I especially love that scene where he replied “How about you just grow old with me? I can’t think of anything I’d want more.” Like yes please. I can’t think of anything I’d want more too. :face_holding_back_tears:

The best part on this particular epilogue was the last line. “And while your time on Earth will be finite, you cannot dream of a better partner to grow old with.” I had such a huge smile on my face after reading it. This was actually the first ending I got and immediately I knew that this is one of my favorite Heart’s Choice games of all time. :sparkling_heart:

Yes, there were flaws but overall, I really enjoyed it. :grin: Thank you for your hard work, Author! I’m looking forward to your next game. :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S.: Sorry for the long comment filled with a lot of quotes and fangirling. I definitely got carried away. :sweat_smile::joy:


Thank you so much for such a wonderful and detailed comment. I’m so glad it has chimed with you, and you’ve enjoyed all the various romances and paths. I did love writing Marky and it soon became a character who wrote their own lines - Marky jokes or sweet things would crop up where I did not intend.


Hey there.

Your story was quite good, even if short (felt like romances were too fast and not really developed as we didn’t get that many scenes with our LI.)

But I’ve noticed typos. I’m french, so when a typo came in french, it kind of made me think about what you were trying to say.
We have ‘maître d’as’ which simply doesn’t exist. (Ace master) I think you meant ‘maître d’hôtel’. And ‘une surfeit des femmes’ which also doesn’t exist. Had to rack my brain, but if you meant an overdose of women, it’s not surfeit, that word simply doesn’t exist in french, we translate it as ‘excès/trop-plein’ and in this case it would be ‘un excès/trop-plein de femmes’, it’s also ‘de’ because we’re talking about an amount of women, so when you have an amount, it becomes singular like ‘une course de voitures’ (a car race, not a cars race).

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re not sure about french, you and anyone that wish to improve their french, any native, like me, will be happy to help.

Il vaut mieux envoyer ces erreurs à

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