Vampire The Masquerade Universe Speculations.

Hello. As a user who has had the opportunity to try excellent stories from this universe and hoping that the werewolf side will be explored, I will say the following:

I recently read an article that tells stories from my country that talks about vampire creatures before the Spanish conquest. Starting with creatures that used to absorb the blood of children under 8 years of age, of which the only defense against them were the amulets or cutting the special thin tongue (like thread) with which they slipped their long tongue through the house to absorb the vitality of small children.

Or also of some pre-Hispanic gods that have bat shapes called Camazots in the shape of a bat that, like other pre-Hispanic gods, demanded blood sacrifices. Representing death, darkness and disease but also the ability to cure all kinds of physical or spiritual ills. Also from these gods there were emissaries who could turn into the form of some animal in the collection of sacrifices.

Now, another story that follows after the fall of Tenochtitlan in 1521. It is said that the explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado in his search for the 7 cities of Cibola through New Mexico. His army was attacked one night where the only casualties were his cattle having their blood sucked. According to the testimonies of the Spanish and indigenous soldiers who were in the expedition at the time of the attack, they were anthropomorphic creatures with wrinkled skin and a face full of deformities.

Arriving tired at a town of the Zuni ethnic group where they agreed to help them, they were told that they were creatures that it was useless to fight, simply stay on maximum alert and not provoke said creatures that live in the dark of the night and the caves.

An observation that I must share is that apparently the notion of the vampire that turns into a bat must have been taken from the bats that inhabited the Mesoamerican region and the mythology that the indigenous people gave it, which only contributed more to the mystical image of the modern vampire that we know.

Finally here is a legend of a Mexican city called Guadalajara. I don’t remember what time this story is from but it was definitely after establishing the Viceroyalty of New Spain. There was once a very reserved European gentleman who bought a mansion with very few servants who came with him without hiring anyone from the city. He was not seen during daylight hours or in the church or the market and his servants did not speak of his master to the inhabitants of the city.

Many express that he manages to see the mysterious individual who walked only at night. The strangeness of the foreigner turned into panic when the cattle began to appear dead; anyone would expect to blame plagues only if people’s pets and some townspeople hadn’t turned up dead afterwards with no blood inside their bodies.

It is said that the inhabitants of Guadalajara blamed the foreigner who had arrived or even sought the help of a vampire slayer or any other supernatural creature to find the person responsible for this sinister phenomenon.

What is known is that they beheaded the foreigner, drove a stake through his heart and burned his body. The body incompletely consumed by the flames with the stake still stuck in the chest and the decapitated head was buried in a cemetery that was covered with many tombstones. Some time after said ligation a shoot began to emerge from which it would become a tree.

It is speculated that the fact of putting the head and the half-burned body together in the grave was not a good idea so that the vampire little by little begins to reform his body and with it the stake in his heart would emerge the tree that now adorns his grave. Its roots over time are pushing the tombstones aside and breaking the heavy rock. Of which it is said that when the roots of the tree break the last stone, the vampire will return to take revenge.

Based on the stories that are told in my country about bloodsucking creatures and relating them to the Universe of Vampire The Masquerade, I can relate that there were already vampire clans inhabiting America, especially clans that are despicable by clans of noble blood such as the Gangrel or Nosferatu, but also those who have more affinity with the spiritual world like the Revnos clan or others similar.

And what stories can you relate to the Lore of Vampire The Masquerade?

Strictly speaking in VtM lore all Cainites come from the same place originally. I dont rememeber enough to say where exactly it was, but the time period i think ((?)) Was even before the flood and Noahs Ark.

Further down it seems the majority of factions were in the Europe/Asia area. No real major stories sre really given in the U.S until the first major appearance of the Inquisition. Where everyone sorta scattered.

But, Vampire stories, if you wanna link them to actual “lore”. Would be the monster in it would most likely be from a bloodline, but it having a unique set of demerits/boons.

Also, Ravnos where as one of my favorites is thought to be extinct.

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Or also the route of the Bering Strait before the flood if we talk about the historical theory of the flood. That theory points out that it was rather the flooding of the Middle East that was the cradle of ancient civilizations when the glaciers of the poles began to melt and flood various parts of the world.

Unless they have reached America through maritime expeditions like the Vikings or the kingdom of Mali. By the way, when I spoke of America, I was referring rather to the American continent, not to the country of the United States

Although I also admit to being new to the knowledge of this franchise so if there is something I am missing. Let me know please.

I am aware of it.

Well in the world of shadows there are many secrets and surprises. If I remember correctly, the rest of the Revnos clan do not stay in one place for long, so it is very difficult to keep track of the rest of this clan.

Although I also admit to being new to the knowledge of this franchise so if there is something I am missing. Let me know please.