Halloween is coming and we all know it

Hello. I am very excited about these kinds of parties and would like to chat about Halloween insights. Horror stories, urban legends, facts about the nocturnal creatures of All Saints Night etc. I also take the opportunity to announce that my country, Mexico, is also approaching the Day of the Dead.

You dear user who wanted to participate. Is there multimedia content in your country (television, radio, internet, etc.) where horror stories are broadcast?

In my country there was a television program called “La mano peluda” where most of the program talked with people about paranormal experiences in Mexico and even this program is shrouded in mystery by the way the program ended as well as the life of your host. Sometimes possessed people would be heard in it or called people from all over from ordinary civilians to even retired military or police officers.

Now that I think about it, it partly reminds me that this calling system is similar to the Coast to Coast AM program.


I live in the US and I don’t really celebrate Halloween anymore. I’m not against it or anything, but I just don’t care about the way everyone celebrates it where I am. The type of celebration is generally divided by age:

  1. Children dress up and go trick-or-treating

  2. Teens/Young Adults dress up and watch scary movies

  3. Young Adults/Adults dress up and get drunk.

I’ve reached the point where trick-or-treating is pointless, because I can just buy candy that I actually like (and because I’m too old for it), I’ve never cared about scary movies, and I don’t drink. So I basically just buy some candy and play videogames.🤷

That being said, it’s not really Halloween related, but the short stories from the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series are very good and reignited my fear of the dark when I read them as a kid. The one about the Wendigo was particularly well written.


The punishment that forest spirits give you for committing cannibalism?


That’s the one! The way it comes about in the story in fascinating and terrifying.


Here in Mexico we have a concept in associating witches with vampires. Since before the Spanish colonial era there was the notion of a woman-shaped creatures that absorbed the vital part of children under 8 years of age with a tongue as thin as a thread sneaking into the house to absorb the blood of children. For this they conjured metal amulets to drive away spirits. Over time people said that they were witches and instead of having amulets what they now do is make the children get ready in case they feel something on their neck and are ready to take the scissors from their pillow to cut the thin tongue of these creatures.


I think the important thing about a holiday is not the decorations or traditions but having a good time with yours, family, friends and even your pets or friends online video games


I was briefly traumatized by the Wendigo story. What really scarred me for life was the illustrations, though.


If you’ve ever been to a party where you’re the only sober person, then you’d know how obnoxious those can be. I may see if Red Dead Online has any worthwhile Halloween stuff, but other than that, it’ll be a normal Sunday for me.


For real! The way the illustrator used so many loose lines and blurred edges, like the pictures were barely holding together.


Yeah i know about that


All those wispy tendrils … shudders


Hello Everyone, it’s “Day of the Dead” here in Mexico. It is a good time not to feel sad about the death of our loved ones, be they family or friends. It is a time to remember that being rich or poor, white or black, we all come to death one day. That is the symbolism of one of the most iconic characters of this festival “La catrina y el catrin” a couple of skeletons dressed as French Europeans would at the end of the 21st century and at the beginning of the 20th.

It was also originally a parody of people of indigenous descent who wanted to appear more European or those who were previously poor and are now middle class but appear rich. We take it as a symbol of this Mexican holiday since we must have appreciation for our roots and origins (similar in the series The Prince of Bel-Air where Uncle Phil denies his poor and rural ancestry in the newspapers and it is like denying who you are and who was your family)

We learn from this day to recognize that one day we are all going to die but that is why it gives us more reasons to have fun in this life with our loved ones, remember that we were together through thick and thin and enjoy these times with family or close friends. . What history do you have of your family or friends? (It doesn’t matter if they are dead or alive)

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