Valor of the Blood Hunt (W.I.P)

@Rosencrantz Thanks for your assistance.

@SamCornick No, I didn’t make up Sanguivoriphobia as much I would enjoy that. It actually means the fear of blood eaters. It is one of those weird phobias like coulrophobia(fear of clowns). Nice scene, that’s pretty funny.

@Takashi_Shin Thanks, watch for an update later this week.

@wolf666 Dhampir is the strongest choice to play as in the game. Especially, considering the dhampir has the power to turn people into praels.


It could be interesting, but it is so short at the moment. It ends right when we get started.

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I listed the next update for Friday evening. Every day, I will be listing some of the features. Today, if you hadn’t noticed I listed the boss fights that are in the game. These are the different characters that the protagonist will have the option of battling.

Tomorrow, I will list the romance options; Friday, I will list the vampire hunting order list; and later Friday, I will update the game entirely. I will update the game to the point of the blood hunt in Budapest. Stay tuned.

I kind of wanted to try the Dhampir. What is the criteria? I picture someone like Rayne or Blade. Are we older if we play one? Do they have an organization like the Brimstone Society or the Hellsing Organization?

I know I gravitated towards the name Alexandra for some reason. Maybe I picture them as possibly Greek lol.

An interesting premise, though there isn’t much to go off thus far. While having 12 orders means that there’s a large variety to choose from, I would raise a concern over whether all 12 should be playable. I imagine that the MC’s order would be a relatively significant part of each playthrough and could result in a rather significant ballooning of material or result in it being window dressing and being rather sparse. Though if it is pulled off, then I’m sure the replayability would be greatly benefited.

Concerning the game as-is (though you may have changed it with the upcoming update), I would suggest a clean-up of the pick-a-name scene since there’s a lot of names just arranged by alphabetical order without any option to go back or any indication as to the order. At the very least divide them on a gender basis or a religious/regional one. Personally inclined towards the former and a descriptor of the order e.g.:
“John” would become “John, Knight of the Golden Archer”

I assume that the rest of the backgrounds will be filled out in the next update, if not I suggest that the options get commented out or else people might get an incorrect impression.

Having run through the St. Bartholomew path, might I also suggest that the options have a bit more detail than just a few words. For instance, “Use the Oil” doesn’t really indicate much, if it were something like “Use oil to exorcise the prael” it would be more indicative of what the option represents.

Also, I would suggest that some “specialist” terms are explained as exposition in the text. I know “prael” is in the glossary, but it is a bit of a slog to click through to it. Having the glossary there is useful, but if I have to keep a separate tab open to refer to terms which aren’t introduced in the text and which randomly appear it isn’t really the most convenient of options.

Having sneaked a look at the code (I didn’t catch the notice on the names which had paths in the OP), might I suggest using *gosub and *goto a bit more? I’m not an expert in Choicescript by any means, but there looks to be a lot of superfluous text that is just a copy of another option.

Interested to see how this goes.


@Prof_Chaos There is no criteria except no vampire hunting order. Think more like D from Vampire Hunter D, this is the 17th century. The dhampir character is older being born in the 1630s.

The vampire hunting orders during this time are generally decentralized and local. The closest to a centralized vampire hunting order is the Absolution which is more like a network of Catholic vampire hunting orders that take orders from the First Inquisitor in Rome.


  1. It is more than 12 playable vampire hunting orders at this point. It is also too late to change that considering 3/4 of the game is done, that took a lot of effort and time. The differences between the vampire hunting orders are generally a matter of flavor. All of the vampire hunting orders have access to the same events and same plot with a few exceptions. The consistent differences between the vampire hunting orders are the available companions and romance options. The other unique differences are the origins’ stories, rest points, and the epilogues. The only option that offers an entirely different set of events is the dhampir.

  2. In regards to the pick-a-name scene, you raise an excellent point. Thanks, I will change it to the descriptor you used in example.

  3. Yes, all of the backgrounds will be updated.

  4. Thanks for your other concerns. Word usage, grammatical errors, and coding issues are corrections that I will fix after this rough draft is done. There is a whole host of them I’m sure. I have organized a list of them I need to make.


I will update once I finish getting rid of these errors. I random tested it a few times and it has far more errors than I expected. I am not an expert coder by any means so please be patient until I can iron out these issues.


A month or so of writing, we are nearly done VotBH. I just have to iron out some coding kinks. In particular, many of you know that there are many factions. I think there must be an easy way to code the weapons and factions without repeating whole pages to make these changes. Thanks for your patience. Almost there, I hope.


that good hear wish you luck

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