Using music in CoG - accepted guidelines?


There are some scenes in my CoG that I imagine specific snippets of songs in the background, just to help set the mood. Are there any specific guidelines here at CoG? I doubt I’d want to use anything with lyrics, just a clip or riff here and there.


@AlexCosarca wrote a guide on the wiki

But I don’t know what the ‘official’ guidelines in terms of allowing you to publish it would be.


I use the same method as @CJW mentioned for my earlier build. Technically it is a small edit to the html shell - that is, not to say it is the *only* way to do it - so I like to think that it shouldn’t be causing trouble when you compile it to a final package. CoG’s stance however seems to be promoting the strength of compelling narrative “powered only by your imagination.” With even kid’s e-storybooks have soundtracks these days, personally I don’t see why you shouldn’t use music to enhance the user experience when you have the chance.

And yes, lyrics would be too distracting I guess.


I hate music on choice games so please ensure that it’s easily turned off.

Also make sure you don’t use any copyrighted music.


That’s my problem, I imagine small instrumental snippets of songs I already know…some famous in their own circles, some not. I wonder if, since its only a snippet of sound and only a tidbit of the game, if it would fall under any kind of Fair Use laws?


No, that’s not legal.

Have you tried the various royalty free music sites?


Never looked into it, but I’ll check it out when I get home tonight. TY.


Either royalty-free music or go with bespoke sound designer if one is so inclined to use sound. There are a few around, like these guys who are pretty well known for doing music for (Flash) games in the earlier days. “Royalty free” music doesn’t imply they are free btw, so it might come down to how much money you’re willing to burn at some point.


Yeah, royalty free music means that you don’t need to pay royalties for using the music in your game. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay for the tracks. There are sites which are both royalty-free and free music though.

I’m quite fond of since you can search for various styles, it’s free as long as you credit Kevin McLeod, and I almost always find that if I’m listening to a tune on a flash game, and I think it’s amazing, it’s something Kevin McLeod has done.


Oh yeah, Kevin McLeod definitely been around the Flash game scene, now that you mention it. Even his free ones sound pretty good - if not very good.


@FairyGodfeather I wouldn’t plan on drowning my CoG in music, its just that there are some areas where I can’t help but feel these specific tunes would really help elevate the realism.

Re: Royalty-free music, thanks for site info. Hopefully I can find something that evokes the same feeling as the pro music I hear in my head.

Re: Options to turn off the music, if there’s a way to provide that option, I’d be more than happy to do it. I’ll look into it as the need comes about.


@FcA I’ve never heard of Bespoke Sound Designer. Where do I find it? I tried googling, but can’t seem to pin it down.


Bespoke means to have something personally made for you.


Can’t say I’ve ever heard that term. And don’t you ever go to sleep? Seems like you’re always here to help me, night or day! :wink:


Didn’t you know? @FairyGodfeather is an actual fairy just in feather form. Far above us petty mortals idea of fairy godmother/godfather. :smiley: