using *if in stats selection, error "Expected option starting with #"

I’m having trouble with coding options for stats, so that previously selected options are no longer viable. I followed another guide in setting this up with if statements before each choice. The indents all look right to me and I have a # for each choice. But it runs with an error that says “Expected option starting with #”

My code looks like this:

*label 2ndchoice
Of course you didn't spend ALL your spare time ${firstchoice}.  What was your secondary hobby?
	*if magic <= 5	
		#I learned some spells from the court wizard.
			*set magic +10
			You learned a few neat spells and like to show them off.
			*goto 3rdchoice

It’s probably recognizing the *if as an option due to the command being split into two lines?
So use one? Maybe? That way the option is located right next to the *if command.

Choice options you want only to appear under certain circumstances go on the same line as the if:

   *if (thing = "thingy") #choicehere
      *set stuff etc

Ah derp. I found it. I put *if for the first one, but just if for all the others. Thanks everyone!

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You forgot the * with which commands start with?
I’ve had brainfarts much worse.

and to clarify based on my experience, it works both ways, either indenting the #choice under the *if, or putting them together on the same line