Expected option starting with #

So I’ve been messing around with the idea of coding a game for a while now i’ve been using the beginners guide to choicescript and also the forum search function to solve any problems or errors I’ve been having however there is one error which i can’t obviously solve and also I can’t find anything on the forum as to how to solve it. The error message I get is
“startup line 59 expected option starting with #” this is odd because unless I’m just being blind the options do start with # I’ll post the code with the choices bellow-
# “But why?” you insisted
She sighed, “You dont have the same mother as your brother or sisters,they think that makes you a bad child.”
# “Dose it?”
“No.” she said fiercely
*page_break But that didnt stop you feeling different.
*goto section_two
# “They’re wrong then!”
“Of course they are” she agreed gently “you just have to prove that”
# “I’ll prove it wait and see!”
“I hope you do!” she laughed
*page_break" Of course that was easier said than done…
*goto section_two
# “No I don’t. I don’t need them.” (Fold your arm over your chest and look stubborn.)
She shook her head almost sadly “if that’s what you think.”
“It is what I think!” you responded angrily.
“really?” she murmurs
# “Yes!”
“Good for you.” she said with a smile.
*page_break Indeed
goto section_two
#“Not realy”
She shakes her head in wonder.
*Page_break Oh the confusion of youth!
#“Dose it actually matter?”
“She shrugs “Only if you think it dose”
Page_break Very introspective for someone so small!
*goto section_two
#“I’m not bad!” you cried with childish indignation
“No not yet, but, if you give them an excuse they’ll force you to be.”
# “If they try I’ll hit them” [Throw a mock punch]
“I think you’ve missed the point…” she says slowly.
*page_break But so what if you have
*goto section_two
# “Nobody can force me to do anything!” You cry impassioned
“I truly hope your right” she says squeezing your shoulder”
*Page_break But only time will tell if your right
*goto section_two
#“Well I’m going to be good whatever they do.”
“I’m glad to hear it” she said looking you in the eye.
*page_break Actions speak louder than words…
*goto section_two
#“That’s stupid.” you say bluntly.
“Your right.” she nodded “it is.”
# “Well than we should get some more clever people to come and live in the palace!”
“Clever people are hard to find.” she said carefully.
*page_break But that dosen’t detract from the fact it was an excellent idea
*goto section_two
# “Sir Oscar said that thick skulls can be broken.”
“Sir Oscar’s got a thick skull” she said disapprovingly
*page_break That was one of those moments were two people can disagree but both be right.
*goto section_two
# So you must be the best teacher in the kingdom because nobody else has been taught that by their tutor."
She laughs at that.
*page_break Its good to start paying compliments early!
*goto section_two
# …
You remain quiet and sombre.
*page_break Stay silent if you want but that not how things change.
*goto section_two

I am aware there are loads of spelling and gramar errors but can anybody help with what is causing this bug? All the choices seem to have a so I am assuming it is something else

Did you do it as
#choice 1<-- that has 1 indent
Words <-- that has 2 indents
#choice 2


Thankyou, @SheaMcD it now works I cant belive I didnt notice

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