Expected option starting with # Help? (SOLVED)

I’m having trouble with…
A fake Choice.

The error I’m getting is:…
Expected option starting with #
My code looks like this:


You return home and hug your father.
You tell him about your encounter with the soldiers.

"Oh ${givenname}, that's something I didn't expect."

"Hey dad, why do the soldiers look so on edge lately?" You ask.

Your father looks at you and says.

"Can you blame them? Ever since Rey became it's own state again, Borne has openly been shouting and screaming for war against us."
    #Do you think we will go to war?
        Honestly  ${givenname}, I really don't know.
    #Will there ever be a time, when there are no wars anymore?
        I have to be hopeful, maybe you'll see that happen, but I don't think I will.      
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I don’t know about the code itself but…

its, not it’s.

Again, sorry for not being helpful error-wise.


Try moving the *page_break from under the fake_choice to under the flavor-texts and see what it says then?

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Strange. Along with what @MeltingPenguins said, perhaps you could space the fake choice out and see if that causes an issue?

You could try commenting it out and see if there are any other errors. Make sure to do both a quick test and a random test. Your code looks fine, so it could be an overlooked bug somewhere else that’s influencing the error.

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@N1GHTMAR3 good eye! Thanks!

@MeltingPenguins @Melancholy I did try that, however for some reason I’m still getting the same error.
It’s strange, because I did a fake choice earlier, and it worked, but this one seems to just not want to work for some reason. I’m really confused


If you test on firefox/safari clear the cache before testing?

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Welcome to the horrors of choicescript :slight_smile:
Have you tried turning it into a proper choice and seeing if that works?

Oh, and if you’re okay with a little feedback, you’ve got a double-space after ‘honestly’, and I think putting:

Your father looks at you and says, “can you blame them? Ever since Rey became its own state again, Borne has openly been shouting and screaming for war against us.”

Would flow a little better than just using a full stop.

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I just tested your code in the great Choicescript IDE. There was no issues. Check your version of Internet Browser or your Choicescript files for updates.

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Hey everyone! I have absolutely no clue what happened, but now all of a sudden it works.
I have no idea how lol.
Thank you all so much for your help!


Maybe you hadn’t saved your files or reload the browser, previously.