Help me in getting this bug out

Hello! I keep getting this error no matter what I do. I have copied sample code from the Choicescript guide and even that doesn’t work.
Please help

Mind showing what your line7 looks like?

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Sorry, I forgot to include it in the screenshot.

It’s a little hard to read your code as you have the window quite squashed up (and can’t paste it from the screenshot to look at it in the editor)
I just typed this into CSIDE and it runs - try pasting this in and running it, it should work. Then do a comparison to your original code and you should see where yours has the error:

Let us begin our adventure

What will you be called?

    #become Bonaparte
        You are Bonarparte
    #become Hannibal
        You are Hannibal
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I tried to do that but now the IDE test window just goes to the finish screen

If you do this:

    #become Bonaparte
        You are Bonarparte
    #become Hannibal
        You are Hannibal

does that work?
(don’t forget to set the variable in there)

Not sure if this affects it, but it looks like you are coding in the startup file.

Try having only these things in the startup:

   chapter2 (and so on)
*create (all variables you are using)

Take all the code you have written (apart from the author and title, leave that in the startup) and move it to the new chapter one.

Also, don’t use the *finish command until you want to move to the next chapter, it ends the current chapter and moves on. Instead use the *goto command to move to a new *label within the same chapter until you are ready to switch chapter.


Nope. The same problem persists

That didn’t help either, still "expected option starting with #

Hi, @CJW. Wanna boot you up, if you don’t mind. You think there’s a bug in online CSIDE that may be the cause of the issue OP is having?

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Bugs with parsing ChoiceScript are unlikely, although I won’t say impossible. CSIDE pretty much hands over the actual CS execution to the normal game interpreter.

I don’t have access to a computer today, but a couple of observations:

  • You’ve got a blank like line between *choice and first option. I don’t think this is valid, and would explain the error.
  • Your file is dirty (not saved), this might just be an article of the screenshot. But if you’re changing code and not seeing a change in behaviour, make sure your files are saved.

If you’re still having problems this evening, I’ll try to reproduce.


I don’t think that is what’s causing the bug. I usually start my story in the startup file, right after the *create commands and i never got an error.