Having trouble nesting fake_choices


The code is quite large so I posted a link below

the pasting service also messed up the indenting a bit but the error is saying that I’m falling out of a choice when I am using only fake choices here



looks to me fake choice on line 21 is exiting on line 27 thus your error(as line 27 is your second choice from fake choice on line 1)
if you try putting a *goto (label name) on the same indent level as the fake choice on line 21 but after your choice text(like on line 27, pushing the rest down) and then putting *label (label name) on line 51(would be 52 if *goto was added). so when fake choice (line 21) ends it will then go to your text at the bottom.

of course I could be wrong…
Well I hope that was clear and helpful :smiley:


That worked, thanks so much