Fake choice within another fake choice or a choice?

So I have tried to put a fake choice within a choice or even another fake choice. so it would look like:
blah blah random stuff

but it never works…so I am guessing it’s not possible? I just want to branch off a few choices then just go on to the text under it all… I know I can use the goto and label command but it seems that will take a lot of time with what I want to do…any ideas? And does anyone have any tips of how to go about about how to make a game not too linear without making too many freaking choices till it’s impossible to write it? I am new to this and am still trying to get my mind around how to go about doing all this. Also, how long should each scene be about? Any tips would be great, thanks!

Hey, I’m no coding expert, but I do believe that you can’t have fake choices within fake choices. And a good way not to make it linear but also not make it impossibly long is to customize things rather than make a ton of branches. Lastly, I like to keep my scenes around 10k words.

That’s kinda sad, I wish it was possible :stuck_out_tongue: what do you mean by customize things?

Like give little tweaks depending on your attributes, gender and relationships with others, instead of branching a lot, which can be really difficult. Like:

Where do you go?
1.) Mars.
2.) Jupiter.
3.) Pluto.

@RockStarPenguin It’s perfectly possible to have a *fake_choice nested within another. Really, as long you have them properly indented, and you end each choice with with a *goto or *finish, you should theoretically be able to do it as much as you want, although it can quickly become complicated. But, having said that, if you really want to do it that way, here’s a quick example:

What would you like to eat?

*label food
		What would you like on it?
			#Just the patties
				*goto yummy
			#Slap some cheese on that!
				*goto yummy
			#Put everything you have on it!
				*goto yummy
	#Hot dog
		How would you like them cooked?
				*goto yummy
			#Just microwave them
				*goto yummy
			#Slice 'em up and fry them!
				*goto yummy
		What? Ew, no! Choose something else!
		*goto food
*label yummy

A fine choice.

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yeah… the thing is if you HAVE to have a *goto or *finish then I might as well do a normal *choice. cuz the point of a *fake_choice is so that you don’t have to do that and it goes to the text under it all. oh well :stuck_out_tongue: not the end of the world. lol alright well I have a set gender but you can choose whom to have a relationship with between 4 people. the problem I am running into is that most of the choices are picking what is said to that person as you develop the relationship and either I have to branch out a lot of use a ton of fake choices which might lead to a unrealistic feel…any thoughts?

and how many choices within choices do most people do? I find after doing 4 it gets a little crazy…I just want to know how others do it.

You can nest a fake choice within a fake choice without using *goto or *finish IF it’s the last choice on the list, but if it’s anywhere else then it won’t work and you’ll need to use a choice instead.

When it comes to nesting choices, I try to keep it to 3 maximum, then I switch to a new label instead. If the choices reflect a conversation, make sure to switch things up so it’s not just the mc answering questions, sandwich in some meaningful text and you should be fine.

Yeah I plan to do that, thanks! I really want the people to seem alive and things to feel realistic as possible. It is just a game so there are limits of course.